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Mashaaf (Bones II)

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I've made a start on Mashaaf, a gigantic maggot-like abomination that came with the Bones II Kickstarter.


It's a big lump of plastic, roughly 90 x 100 x 150 mm, and quite difficult to handle; I'm not really looking forward to trying to paint it. I can only imagine how difficult it would be to manage something like this in pewter.


It needs quite a bit of filling between the sections, but no more than would normally be expected with a miniature of this size. I haven't (yet) filled around its arm-sockets; that may not be necessary (I hope).


It's supposed to have a sort of panel-mandible on either side of its maw, but I was sent two of the same side and so one of them doesn't fit the moulded socket. I've filled both sockets, and I'll decide later on whether or not I want to try to mount the panels with pins. I may just leave them off entirely.


Also, there are a couple of smaller sockets moulded at the sides of the tentacly mouth section; I have no idea what they're supposed to be for and I certainly didn't get anything in the package that could go there. I've filled those sockets as well.

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  I had to do a lot of green putty on the mouth also, due to the bottom being badly molded. I belive the socket you are refering to is also for the Flaps (Don't really know what they are supposed to be). On my one good side the 'Flap' had a tab that would fit on both the top and bottom part of the mouth. The other side was not matching up at all so I just used green putty to fill in the gap.

post-12785-0-89149700-1428666883_thumb.jpg before I greened it. Its hard to see in photo but nearly a 16th of an inch gap there.


post-12785-0-38436500-1428666881_thumb.jpg After i puttied it. Only thing is that it breaks off easily so may have to use some other glue.


  I am intrested in how you apint yours. I am still figuring it out myself.



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I decided I would add the mouth side-flaps after all.

I trimmed off the locating lugs, pinned the flaps with dressmakers' pins and superglued them in place, and then reinforced the join with Green Stuff textured to look (hopefully) like wrinkled skin.

Now, on to the painting. I've trimmed off as many mould lines as I could find, but no doubt more will show up once the primer has gone on.

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Priming. I use Vallejo polyurethane Surface Primers almost exclusively these days; they're the best and most trouble-free airbrushing primers I've found. And they're tough too; once properly cured, I've never had issues with paint rubbing off with handling, and that will be important for a miniature this size.

I've done an initial coat in a mid-toned khaki, then a downward "zenith" coat of white to hit only the upper surfaces. I find this brings out the form of the miniature, and helps me to see detail that might be harder to discern with a single, uniform colour.

I'll leave it now to harden for 24 hours before handling the model any more.

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I want the thing to have an unpleasant, pallid, fleshy appearance, so I over-sprayed the primer with Vallejo VMC Basic Skintone.

The rocks embedded in the back of it were washed with a mix of sepia and black inks, diluted with water and Klear.

The mouth, tentacles, and anal sphincter-claws I washed with a mix of artists' watercolours, a sanguine base with som crimson lake and Van Dyke brown, along with some Vallejo dilluant to make it water-resistant when dry.

I used the same wash to start the shading of the flesh of the beast — I don't want to go too dark here, just enough to pick out the form and details.

It's a decent start I think, but there's a lot more work to be done.




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I've made a start on the multitude of eyes (at least, I assume they're eyes), using a simple three- or four-colour "jewel" technique, which no doubt everyone has seen a million times elsewhere.


I don't have the steadiness of hand or sharpness of eye any more to do it with much precision, but I think they're looking pretty good as long as you don't look too closely.


I'm starting to think ahead to the feet and slashers — I'm in two minds, whether to keep them pale and go for a bone effect, or to try for a chestnut-brown chitin. I'm leaning towards the chitin, if only because I think the colour and tone would be quite nice; I've done it before on an old model of an Umber Hulk, and I think it turned out quite well.


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 Truely icky and growse looking. Love the work on the eyes. Don't know how you guys get such detail on the eyes I pretty much am happy if I get color on the the eye area only. But man those eyes are just creepy looking. Good work. And excelent work on those mouth parts. You got the folding flesh look good.

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BTW what do you suppose those knobs between the mouth flaps and the mouth is supposed to be? Also I might just have to re-think how I was going to paint the circles on its side. The eye's just look too awesome. For my pathulu game I was going to make them defensive orifaces that would spray acid at attackers from the sides. If I do change then, hope you don't mind if I steal your idea.

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the eyes are great!   As for the slashers I think the chestnut brown would be the right look.   It would help them stand out from the overall paleness of the body.



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