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Alright I want to see what everyone's working on base-wise, even if it's some simple, basic (ha! see what I did there?) stuff. Let's share the bases we are working on.   First, I'll show you a coupl

This is the base I am working on, for an Infinity TAG (a mecha robot, lets say).    It is tilted, 50mm, Reaper plastic base then layered cork to give the tilt, I added a plastic tube to be undergrou

Some bases I've done previously.   Fall 2014 Exchange piece (just base pictures) - Kharsin has this one.       Summer 2014 Exchange Piece - Dontfear has this one       Just a base I made w

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Gave them an ink wash and a highlighting to varying degrees.


touch up.JPG

Looked really good but the paint job really made it pop. Did you do anything in particular to sculpt the craters and the surface texture?


Made sure the glue / talc mix was nice and tacky, applied roughly with popsicle stick. Then used a damp stick with a  'U' shaped end to make the crater shape by spinning the stick in a circle. 



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Willen - I love what you've done with the paint on that. The olive looking here and there is really well done to add a little bit of fungus or dinginess. 


Made a rocky base for a figure already done that is about to be posted soon. I have a problem getting my milliput sculpts to be 'flat' on the top. So I cheated and made a little 'core' of cork board then sculpted the rocks around it on the sides so the top would be flat. Bad lighting for the photos, so I apologize for that.





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