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Let's see how long it takes Mad Jack to take this topic into Beekeepers!




So Fox is going to make a TV remake of Rocky Horror.  Why?  Yes it does have a cult following, but that is mostly for the call back experience in the theatres.  If you're honest about it, watching the show all by it's lonesome is a mediocre experience.  Especially if you watch it not knowing anything of the live show experience.  I have no idea how they expect this thing to be any good.

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There's only one Franke-n-furter, sorry.


Edit: And why reimagine something that's not broken and meant to be campy in the first place? What is 2014s idea of campy vs the 1970s? And Fox......Fox. It's FOX. I'd rather see a bunch of die hard fans do this with their home camera.

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I never went to the live shows. But I love the movie. I love me some Tim Curry. That and Clue are some of his best roles IMO.


I think it is due to not wanting to risk a new idea being turned down, so they just remake something already known assuming it will more likely get funding.

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I never went to the live shows. But I love the movie. I love me some Tim Curry. That and Clue are some of his best roles IMO.


I think it is due to not wanting to risk a new idea being turned down, so they just remake something already known assuming it will more likely get funding.

Fox makes some of the worst decisions though. Shows canceled before they needed to be, shows that probably shouldn't have survived past a season but went on endlessly. There were sooooo many and now this. This wouldn't be so irritating if I suspected it will be done half elfed, high school musical, glee club style.

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There's only one Franke-n-furter, sorry.





I personally like Rocky Horror even without the audience because I really dig the music and I think it is actually pretty funny.


But moreover, I consider Tim Curry's performance in the movie to be one of the greatest singular character performances ever committed to film. It's an uncanny, charismatic, amazing performance and an example of how an actor can so fearlessly inhabit a character (or vise-versa) that you can't imagine it is not really himself he is portraying on the screen.


I see no reason (and no way) to recreate that. I am not against reboots, remakes, sequels or prequels on principle as some are. Sometimes they make for great - and surprising - art. But some things are best left alone, if for no other reason than the odds of success have been made preternaturally long by the greatness of what came before.

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