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CMPA's Moving to Third Saturday Painting - Denver CO


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2 hours ago, skippen said:


Oh the crosses we must bear.



CMPA paint club, my girlfriend's birthday, Father's Day, Denver Comic Con, first weekend of Renfaire, and the Colorado Springs Celtic Festival are all on the same weekend.

Urrrrgh. I am going to be busy, and that's putting it mildly.

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I left my bin out and accessible, along with my lamp and the current WIP. Pretty much the same setup as before; only change is that I let my wet palette dry up so it wouldn't mold. The craft room has turned into the boxes room in general though. 


No guarentee on baked goods sadly. Most kitchen equipment is packed now or in the give-away pile. Speaking of.... I am bringing a game and an art book to give to folks in the group. 

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On 11/12/2017 at 1:49 PM, Doug Sundseth said:

Total Escape, 10:30 – 4-ish.


NW Corner of 120th Ave and Main St in Broomfield.


Website: http://totalescapegames.com/



6831 W 120th Ave
Suite C
Broomfield, CO 80020


(Google Maps shows the location correctly.)


Since it's been almost a year, here's the address again.

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23 hours ago, Doug Sundseth said:

Monthly update time again. For people not going to MileHiCon, we'll be meeting this Saturday at Total Escape in Broomfield, 10:30 - 4-ish. Hope to see you there.


Wife is out of town, no relatives visiting, weather is supposed to be good... so I'm planning on being there.

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