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Campaign Coins Starter Sets and Epic Treasure


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70% funded..

About this project


We are Campaign Coins from Australia. We make beautiful metal coins for tabletop games.

We'd like to invite you to join our new adventure: we would like to make new Epic Treasure Coins, as well as a line of new Starter Sets.

This Kickstarter campaign is in Australian Dollars (AUD). This means that our prices are much lower in other currencies. At the time of launch, AUD $40 is around USD $30.


We would like to add new 500-coins, 5,000-coins and 10,000-coins to our range, inAntique Copper, Antique Silver, Antique Gold and Platinum.

These are huge coins! The 500-coins are 28mm diameter, the 5000-coins are 32.5mm, and the 10,000-coins are a whopping 35mm diameter. Here they with a United States Quarter.


The Warrior 500-coins each depict a powerful warrior from one of the four great cultures of classic fantasy: an orc shaman, an elven archer, a dwarven warrior and a human knight.


The Dragon 5,000-coins each feature a great dragon: a terrible wyrm, an elfin dragon, a huge dragon on his hoard, and a mighty old dragon.


The City 10,000-coins each show a major city. There is an orcish mountain, a graceful elven tree, a mighty dwarven fortress and a massive human castle.


All of our Classic Fantasy coins are designed by Australian artist Lee Smith. He has also done art for AEG, Fantasy Flight Games, Monte Cook Games, Wizards of the Coast & more


We have designed new Starter Sets to help you build up your treasury.

When you make a Starter Set Pledge, you can choose any of the following sets for each set in your pledge. You can mix and match as you choose.

You only need one set to get started! You can run a great campaign using our Dungeon Set, and then expand your collection later. Download our free PDF on How to Use Coins in RPGs. Dungeon starter set

The Dungeon set gives you standard treasure for fantasy roleplaying games. This set has enough for the adventurers to raid the dungeon and head back to town to buy magic items.

6e6ae2de3f3384ea69735ecc92396758_originaDUNGEON SET (45 coins): 1000-Silver (x5), 5000-Silver (x5), 10,000-Silver (x5), 50-Gold (x5), 100-Gold (x10), 500 Gold (x5), 1000-Gold (x5), 1-Platinum (x5). Castle starter set

The Castle set is for higher-level campaigns where platinum is the standard.

7ef5cf2b1a5b8aee0d6764a0b37bb37e_originaCASTLE SET (40 coins): 5000-Gold (x5), 10,000-Gold (x5), 50-Platinum (x5), 100-Platinum (x5), 500-Platinum (x5), 1000-Platinum (x5), 5000-Platinum (x5), 10,000-Platinum (x5). Tavern starter set

The Tavern set introduces everyday money into your campaign. This is a collection of low denomination coins for when the adventurers order a meal and a room for the night.

f2a9481f81c03731c2c1e152ca2842f4_originaTAVERN SET (50 coins): 1-Copper (x15), 5-Copper (x5), 1-Silver (x15), 5-Silver (x5), 1-Gold (x10). Market starter set

The Market set gives you mid-range coins for when the adventurers shop for gear.

9e54634b9babef5162496c132169309d_originaMARKET SET (50 coins): 10-Silver (x10), 50-Silver (x5), 100-Silver (x10), 500-Silver (x10), 5-Gold (x5), 10-Gold (x10). Fantasy Board Game starter set

Finally, the Fantasy Board Game set is designed to add real metal coins to any fantasy or medieval-themed board or card game. This set contains 1s, 5s and 20s in different antique finishes and different shapes, so that they are very easy to tell apart during play.

9ce1268d78f1033dcb2773f3e6f860eb_originaFANTASY BOARD GAME SET (50 coins): 1-Copper (x25), 5-Silver (x15), 20-Gold (x10).

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One thing to consider about this guy is he actually one of the first. Campaign Coins were on sale and available before Kickstarter even existed, so he did it the old fashioned way and has kept his company going that way for years. So there's business experience there.


These were actually the first coins I bought to use as stamps for base textures. Not so much for the front denomination sides, but for the backs. (I think the campaign says these will be in similar styles and pics are coming soon.) I contacted him about getting a mixed selection instead of sets, and he was very helpful to work with. I ended up buying two each of a wide number of the coins, and he was happy to do that and ship to me at a reasonable shipping price.

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Their original stuff was pretty cool, but these seem a little bit silly. In a RPG campaign, I'd use miniature treasure chests to represent treasure chests, glass beads to represent super-expensive gems, piles of miniature coins to represent piles of coins, etc. Maybe even pieces of paper made to look like letters of credit depending on the setting. But a 10.000 gold coin? No player of mine is ever going to encounter something like that because, well, even I can't come up with any outlandish explanation why someone would actually mint one of those on the quick. (And I love Spelljammer and Planescape.)


They'd be somewhat interesting as card/board game tokes, but the same-number-of-all-denominations sets seem pretty useless for that. I can't think of any game atm where I don't need a lot more low-end denominations than high-end ones.


EDIT: The tavern set looks pretty cool. Too cool. Damn...

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Hi everyone!


Samurai Jack, thanks so much for spreading the word!


We love us some Reaper Bones, too. One of our Pathfinder players has been steadily painting his way through them, replacing our player characters and bringing us terrifying monsters to fight. Recently we came up across a Mythic titan from the deeps... so the Cthulhu miniature (or maxiature) made his table debut! There was much stompage.


Arkady, I'm so glad you like the Tavern Set. You are right, a 10,000 coin is a narrative conceit; we make them so that they are easy to count. In the fantasy world, we'd expect that they might be 10,000 individual coins, but that would slow things down in play!


If anyone has any questions, please let me know; and huge thanks to Reaper for hosting this amazing community.





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I like these coins a lot. Many of the other coins don't have the combination of good art, nice relief, good size variation, and interesting edges. These have all of that. Also I've heard good things about them, over the years.


(I can't remember if they support nascarg or not, which is always warms my heart when companies do)


So I am in for the tavern and board game sets. Will probably order more of some individual coins.

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Thanks so much!


And yes, we love NASCARG, we came on board last year. And, we've sponsored a few things over the years, but the love we got back from the NASCARGers was the kindest and warmest we have ever encountered. It must be a great community. This year's NASCARG prize coin is going to be very cool............!





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Hmm .. they do look nice.


Perhaps I missed it somewhere, but am I understanding correctly that the coins are the same on both sides?

And is there some size comparison chart for all the coins, for instance the tavern set? Or did I miss that one?

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Hi Findariel -


The backs have a uniform pattern per set - you can see a photo in our Update #1:



For size comparison, we have complete photos of all coin sets in our free PDF on Using Coins with RPGs - you can download it here:



Here's a rough size guide:

1-coin = US penny

10-coin = US nickel

100-coin = US quarter

1000-coin - US half dollar

10,000-coin = bigger again, 35mm diameter (1 1/3 inch)





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