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WIP 02990 Crypt of the Vampiress ++: Custom made casket of souls

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Finally decided to go with blue ghosts. It's just more 80's. I like the 80's. :D


Put it here, just in case the smoky naked bits count as nudity.

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Undead and Chaos are my favorite miniatures.


I love what you're doing there.

Keep posting pics.


Good paintjob on the ghosts so far.

Looking suitably evil

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Gonna do these ghosts the same way. Based white, currently waiting for the first wash to dry: 



Based and washed this one while I waited:



And although vampires claim to be horrible, horrible monsters, they are secretly all about eternal love,

picking flowers, bleaching teeth and comfortable coffin sheets. Just don't let them know you know. You know?


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Love it, as long as they don't start to sparkle I love the vampire miniatures.

Nothing sparkly. I promise :D



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Eww, nastiest version of that figure I've seen yet. Definitely brings out the inhuman killer aspects.

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