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Creative Beast - Dragon vs Raptors - mother of all dragon dioramas!

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I saw this beast online and couldn't resist. This awesome piece is a dynamic dragon in flight being persued by a pack of angry velociraptors! I mean.. What is cooler than a dragon if not a dragon in flight being presumed by a pack of raptors? :D


Assembly has taken quite a lot of time so far, haven't even started on the raptors! Hers a few pics...


16535955684_7d5c93c945_b.jpgdragon vs raptors by kittykat23uk, on Flickr


16535949064_d18ea568e3_b.jpgdragon vs raptors by kittykat23uk, on Flickr


16951022117_faa463c21b_b.jpgdragon vs raptors by kittykat23uk, on Flickr

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Yes the wings are a translucent resin.This is the first time I have encountered a model with translucent resin wings and to be honest I have been feeling my way along and making plenty of mistakes too! I started with painting some veining in Vallejo acrylics red and pale flesh mix and then tried to block in the transparent colour with Tamiya clear acrylics, red, orange, yellow and then a very thin wash of smoke. I confess this was a bit of a mistake as it reacted badly with the veining and lifted it off in places. Once that was dry I then over painted with a Luftwaffe green Vallejo mixed with minitaire ghost tint midnight blue for the struts where the wing would be opaque and continued on with using more transparent layers of Vallejo transparent red, transparent orange orange and tan glaze up to green towards the struts. Now I am reblocking in the veins, and using thin washes, a mix of the ghost tint, Vallejo wood grain and transparent red, adding more green towards the struts, to create opaque black patterning on the wings. Trying to get the look of a flying lizard.


Have added a few pics of the wings to this album. The strength of the transparency is dependent on the strength of the sunlight. This was taken with ambient overcast lighting through window. You can see the opaqueness of the top coat on the wing resting on the table where no light is shining through. This is the effect I am going for.. https://www.flickr.com/gp/kittykat23uk/uw5wP2


17778993272_fd468101e9_z.jpgIMG_20150517_174417.jpg by Jo Dale, on Flickr

17161327973_de49d60598_z.jpgIMG_20150517_174533.jpg by Jo Dale, on Flickr

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    • By Iridil
      I've bought several Christmas minis over the years, but this is the first one I painted! He's such a cute fellow and I had fun with him, even if it was Dec 28th before he was done... 

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      I may end up doing a bunch of image dumps - I've painted a lot this year and maybe I should just post them in sets. 

      This one, though, deserves its own post, I think.  I painted up the Green Dragon Hatchling from waaaay back in Bones 2, showed it to my wife, and she made some suggestions - so here you have it painted up as a Swamp Dragon from the Discworld, as kept by Lady Sybil of Ankh-Morpork.  I gave them a collar and name plate, and since they're a tame dragon, I gave them a few chew toys, including a Rolly Ball just like Rex of "Snake Discovery," as can be seen here:
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      I actually painted this shortly before the lockdowns started when the store had it and the D&D campaign I was in was running Lost Mines and we'd gotten to the beginning of the dragon encounter. So I'd painted it up and brought it in since the DM didn't have a green dragon of the right size and the sculpt actually looks a lot like the D&D Green Dragon if you remove the tail blades.
      After running it, another friend wanted to borrow the mini for an adventure he was running right as lockdown started and I just got it back.
      The big thing with it was the expirament with various stick on plastic jewels and if I could use gold and silver glitter with a large enough size to work for coins as a a workable basing material with some added wash ontop. I like the result there and it gives the feel of the dragons hoard that it might have been napping on when someone woke it up.
    • By planetmut
      I sprayed him with black primer, then used overbrushes/drybrushes of Citadel Barak-Nar Burgundy and Vallejo Red Violet and Sunset Red followed by a wash/glaze of Vallejo Game Colour Red Wash.




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      This is such a beautiful sculpt! I spent a lot of time just looking at it, thinking. I did not really achieve my vision, but done is done. This small dragon is applealing enough I may do another some day when I have more time to devote and hopefully more skill. Trying for a tropical look, stated with parrot colors, but that didn't work - and this was where I landed! 

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