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Bones: 77228: Chthon, 77229: Mind Eater

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Nicely done and no I don't want to encounter them in the radiated wastes of the American west coast

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Painted very well.


I also love the drool you made on the purple worm.

Good basing, very nice.

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While the brushwork & attention to detail is OUTSTANDING, what I find is most appealing is the BEAUTIFUL array of colors you choice for your creatures. WONDERFULLY WELL DONE!

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Thanks guys. I took the colours in general from Pathfinder illustrations, but the Grick/Cthon had a bit more leeway, since the large mandibles are pictured as green tentacles in a lot of the art, so I went with bone instead. The purple worms were a bit of an experiment to see if I could make the traditional purple and yellow look a little more "natural" rather than bright and cartoony (not that there's anything wrong with that, either - I've got lots of bright figures, after all!)

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You've done an excellent job on them and I can totally see them doing double duty as weird alien space monsters.

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    • By viking_hank
      Goremaw, the great purple worm, I made lots of mistakes while painting this mini. I had to go back and correct a lot of over painting. Tried to use Army painter paints, didn’t care for them. Constructive criticism is welcome. Sticking to Reaper paint from now on. 

    • By spitfire23bc
      I upgraded my super cheap lightbox with some LED ribbons, so I've been playing around with photographing some recent minis. Here's a pair of Bones Chthons that I did fairly quickly (for me!).
      I primed them with Blue Liner, then the scales got an overall Peacock Green followed by Viper Green highlighting. The bellies were highlighted with Ice Blue (I think). Fleshy bits are Monarch Purple on the outside, and Entrail Pink highlighted with Breast Cancer pink on the inside. Teeth were done with the Bone Triad, with some dark red inside the mouth.

    • By Felltyde
      My time has been limited as of late, so when I get to paint I tend to overwhelm myself a bit. Lots of progress but nothing finished!

    • By rollcast
      I'm just really proud of this, my first work with an airbrush ever. Maybe it's not the best skill & craft work out there for finishing a figure, but I think I win some points for originality.
      What I learned...
      Sometimes, inspiration comes when you think your finished (my son said "I thought you were going for a nebula") Sometimes, your wife says "It needs something iridescent" when you think you're done and she's right. Sparkling Amethyst on the spines Airbrushing means mixing and getting your consistency exactly right - I got lucky on my first try Airbrushing base colors is insanely fast, uses almost no paint and produces something much more even than I could dry-brushing Dry brushing is great for aging/leathering a piece - airbrushing is all about consistency of coverage. Trying to add red-shifted & blue-shifted stars to the star field looked like birthday cake sprinkles. Nature always has better color schemes than I can come up with on my own. I still need to figure out how to layer/thin/build up my colors.  
      After initial airbrushing with Violet Shadow and Clear Magenta and maybe a mix with aged bonne for the belly.

      First pass at layering for the spikes. I've got some learning to do.

      Another angle at the "ready for detailing" stage.

      My son said "nebula" and I broke out the clear blue and thinned it, but probably not enough.

      Here's the "finished" product. I detailed so many stars in the blue areas. Then my wife said "iridescent" and I added Sparkling Amethyst to the spines. It's a great touch and highlights the raised part of the body instead of leaving it the same as the rest.

      For scale against another recent work, my lizardman army.

    • By TheOldGuard
      I don't seem to have as much time to paint miniatures as usual at the moment but I have been working on this beastie here & there lately.
      I really like this sculpt & I couldn't resist painting it purple. I did have a bit of a nightmare trying to paint the areas between the base of the worm & the (worm)hole so, if I was to paint another one, I would definately paint the parts up separately & glue them afterwards.






      Thanks for looking!
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