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Hawkman and Possum Druid

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Well, I ended up buying a few pewter miniatures to test paints on before painting up a metal tree for a particular Bones dragon, just to make sure I don't accidentally screw it up.  So here are my first two metal minis and I think they turned out well.

This is the Hawkman, friend of mine suggested that I should paint him up like a raven and thought "Oh hey, that's a cool idea" then half way through I was like "WHY DO I KEEP FORGETTING HOW HARD BLACKS ARE TO PAINT".  Though it was a learning experience that helped me practice a few things.  I even added a tiny bit of silver to a separate plot of black paint for the beak so I could get that shiny look on it.  Also getting the hang of painting capes and getting the nice lighting effect on them with lightly thinned down paints.


This was the Opposum Druid that I had to get after seeing her.  She normally has three kids, I might paint up the other two but for now I prefer her like this with her one kid swinging about on that staff.  I based the colors off of a possum character off of a webcomic because I liked the comic and I'm not terribly creative when coming up with color schemes.

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Very good.


A tiny suggestion, paint the beak of the raven in a lighter tone, somewhat grey instead of black, and drybush the black feathers with that tone.

He will have more depth.


I love the possum.

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I feel your pain on the black. Hubby has a drow character he wants me to paint <_<


Not to derail the topic, paint the drow skin dark brown, like this:




For the black, you could try mixing in grey or blue, use that as your base color then base and highlight as normal.

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For a raven look you could get some golden interference blue paint. You brush it on very thin on the feathers so it's clear but when the light hits it right it gives it that blue sheen that shiny black feathers can have. (At least I think blue is what you need, green might also work)

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Thank you for the suggestions and the kind words, I'll see if I can upload a more proper picture of the raven man because this picture doesn't properly show off the beak's reflectiveness (I looked at several raven pictures and it's one of those things where they are not different colors but the beak looks more grey via reflections)

But yah, I'll clearcoat these guys soon. 
Also, as much as I like the raven man, "Poppy" my possum druid, is going to be my favorite until I get my armadillo warrior "Kehtel" painted up. ((I'm such a dweeb, I've already named them))

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