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Bones Frog warriors and a shaman: 92681, 92682, 92683

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I'm working on a bunch of Bones and Bones II figures with an aquatic theme.  Among them are these three frog creatures, two warriors and a shaman or druid who is itself wearing a frog skull as a helmet.  Pretty neat, actually.


Anyhow, here they are primed with Reaper's Brown Liner (Buglips' great discovery).



They are pretty sizable, so I decided to paint them as leopard frogs rather than poison dart tree frogs.  Leopard frogs were the frogs where I grew up, and I have a fondness for them.


A screen grab of reference pix:



To begin with, I mixed a bright poison green and painted their heads, backs, and limbs with it -- basically everything that isn't going to be the soft white underbelly.


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Still laying down basic colors.  I mixed a sickly pale green from Phthalo Green, Iron Oxide Yellow, Hansa Yellow Opaque, a touch of Burnt Sienna, and lots and lots of Titanium White.


I used it for the frogs' bellies first.

post-8022-0-72314600-1429490528.jpg post-8022-0-35050900-1429490535.jpg


Then I painted stripes.  Leopard frogs have two lines of flesh like folds or scars, one going from just behind their eye to about their pelvis and one which starts as their upper lip and goes to just over their shoulder.  As a child I thought of them as the corners of the creatures' bodies.  They are often pinkish on the critters, but I started out laying them down in the same super pale green I used for their bellies.



I mixed a pinkish color by adding just a bit of Burnt Sienna to the pale green I had mixed.  I find that reusing colors helps bring a sense of harmony to the painting.


Then I painted the stripes with the pink.

post-8022-0-20296300-1429490710.jpg post-8022-0-16626100-1429490717.jpg


post-8022-0-22767600-1429490725.jpg post-8022-0-84761900-1429490730.jpg


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I mixed a medium peachy color from Pyrrole Orange, a bright-as-boiled-carrots red-orange, and Titanium White and laid it over the pink stripes on the frogs.


I also mixed a medium paler green from Hansa Yellow Opaque, Phthalo Blue, and white and shaded a bit of the upper surfaces of the frogs.


I like mixing fairly close color matches from completely different pigments because it gives a natural variation of color that makes things look more lifelike.


It's also why I don't sweat exactly matching colors too much.





Leopard frogs usually have goldish eyes with slightly oval pupils, and they often have little black triangles or blotches in a line with their pupils (to help camouflage them, I guess).  I laid in a pale yellow mixed from Hansa Yellow Light and Titanium White, lined the eyes with thinned-down black, and painted in the pupils and blodges with Carbon Black.


post-8022-0-70186700-1430094709_thumb.jpg post-8022-0-09495300-1430094717.jpg




I plan to tidy the eyes up later, maybe add a touch more color.  So far the colors on these frogs are just blocked in.


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Did some shading to clarify the lines on their backs.  I also realized that on the whole those lines extend over leopard frogs' upper eyelids, so I painted over those too.



Then I started painting the shaman-frog's skull helmet.


It's a frog skull helmet! 


Reaper actually has a frog skull bit in the Boneyard.  I find this unaccountably awesome.


Note that the skull's front maxilla doesn't have teeth.  That's because, like turtles, frogs don't have teeth.  But these ones do!  So I painted them too since I was doing bone color (I don't think these frogs could properly close their mouths over these teeth. Maybe they're false teeth, just for battle.)











I mixed up a more naturalistic shade of green, as these froggies were a little intensely Crayola crayon-green for my taste.  On consulting my photo references, I decided that leopard frogs had a lot more brown in their coloring, and yellow in the highlights.


The color is only roughly laid in.  I hope to fade to a delicate pale on their feet and get more nuances of shading before putting in the spots.




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They are pretty sizable, so I decided to paint them as leopard frogs rather than poison dart tree frogs.  Leopard frogs were the frogs where I grew up, and I have a fondness for them.

That's an admirable show of restraint.  I don't know that I'll be able to resist the crazy colourful ones!

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They are pretty sizable, so I decided to paint them as leopard frogs rather than poison dart tree frogs.  Leopard frogs were the frogs where I grew up, and I have a fondness for them.

That's an admirable show of restraint.  I don't know that I'll be able to resist the crazy colourful ones!


I have some of Stonehaven's teeny-tiny grippli.  Them I plan to paint like fatally psychedelic tree frogs.

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I approve of this.

But of course.


I also have this Reaper set of entirely different frogmen, which for obvious reasons I am tempted to paint up like Kermit and other frog Muppets. Or I might try to paint them realistically, I dunno.


Looking them up, I noticed that in the Reaper online catalogue the Bones frog shaman is carrying a trident, the same as one of the two warriors. For some reason mine is carrying a staff decorated with shells, like the metal version of this figure. I wonder what's up with that.

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I keep finding wonderful new details on these things.


It turns out the shaman's staff is a narwhal tusk!  And there's a tiny puffer fish hung on it!


... A Bones, easily removed tiny puffer fish, for those who like modding things and having fish for dioramas ...


Anyhow, I started by painting their spots.


If you look at an actual leopard frog, it has dark brownish, almost black spots surrounded by a narrow ring of pale green, paler than the skin.



So I started by mixing up a pale, yellowish-brownish green and painting where the spots would be, just a little larger.

post-8022-0-85616200-1431172166.jpg post-8022-0-78669900-1431172171.jpg


Then I took pure Burnt Umber, a good dark brown, and painted the spots a little smaller, leaving a green ring around them.

post-8022-0-42263200-1431172180.jpg post-8022-0-26879800-1431172259.jpg


I did their eardrums too, as you can see on the rightmost one.




Then I started painting the whites on the scallop shell armor of the two warrior frogs.  That's when I noticed that the shaman's staff was a narwhal tusk.



I also added more color and whites to their underbellies.



Then I started adding browns, straps and things and the grass skirts they seem to have in front and that strangely human shield one of them is carrying.



And colors to their ... not sure what to call them.  Loincloths, wraps, whatevs.










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Are folks reading this? I'm on my sixth update and it's still the first page...

Anyhow, I painted browns and pinks on the critters, coloring in their belt pouches and some of the pinkish seashells on the shaman's staff.

post-8022-0-40987700-1431979885.jpg post-8022-0-85351800-1431979894.jpg


Then I painted some reds and red-browns on the frogs.   That little knobbly round thing at the top of the shaman's staff is a puffer fish!



Puffer fishes are the cutest things in creation.



I scumbled a translucent coppery green over one of the frog warrior's turtle-shell shield.  You can also see where I added some rough highlights to its fork weapon.  And I started painting striated colors on the many scallop shells which comprise these critters' armor.



I washed a dark brownish-green over the shield.



Here's a better view of the highlighting on the fork, and you can see more of the scallop shell striations.



Here's a view showing the shells.  They still need a lot of cleanup.




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seems I'm following Uber with a strafing run of likes as well. Not sure how I missed this, but I love it. I especially love the realistic, and neat patterning you've chossen to go with, rather than the simple green. (good luck on the grippli, do you have like a 90/0 brush to do the detail work? Crazy tiny those guys)

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