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Looking for a high fantasy RPG

Wizard Lee

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Hi folks,


Been out of the RPG scene for several years now.  Last time I played was college and it was D&D v3.5.  I've been getting the itch to play and have been hitting a few FLGS and trying out a few games, but these games being hosted by friends (and therefore making it difficult to be unbiased) I've decided to turn to the completely friendly and trustworthy strangers of the internet for help. 


I've tried Pathfinder and it essentially being D&D v3.5, I didn't like it.  I haven't tried the new D&D yet. 


My criteria are as follows:


Low entry cost, few materials required for play (I may love minis, but I feel like they bog down the game and tend to encourage violent solutions), and isn't super rules-heavy. 


Any suggestions?



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Are you looking for a high fantasy setting or rules set?


For simplicity, it's hard to beat FATE Core or FATE Accelerated, and with the right mindset from both GM and players, it can be highly entertaining.

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I seriously dislike D&D in all its variants, so I guess it depends on mindset.


With different approaches (narrative, less crunch, gritty or not) my top picks are Dungeon World, Fate Core or FAE. All three are free.


What do you want? Gritty dungeon delving? Epic quests? Characters as heroes from the beginning? Slow buildup of power? You like rules for everything or you can "wing it" just for the pleasure of telling a story? One-shot, episodic, or long campaigns?


Thanksfully there are a LOT of choices today in the RPG scene. A lot of them are also great, in their own way.

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