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Bones Mab Grindylow 92695


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I've started working on a batch of figures for aquatic adventures, including the new Bones II version of Mab Grindylow, 92695.


Here she is primed with Reaper's Brown Liner.



She had a tendency to topple over backwards, so I epoxied her to a one-inch fender washer, tilted slightly forward.



I started with the sand on her base, first laying down a few coats of thinned-down Iron Oxide Yellow (= Reaper's Palomino Gold).



Then I washed over that with a more nuanced mixed sand color involving Titanium White, Iron Oxide Yellow, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, and a touch of Phthalo Green.



I mixed a subdued blue from Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Sienna and painted her eel tail with it, highlighting it with pure Titanium White while it was still wet.

post-8022-0-10489200-1429487454.jpg post-8022-0-36547600-1429487621.jpg


post-8022-0-58471200-1429487628.jpg post-8022-0-35109600-1429487635.jpg

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I'm coloring her flesh with a delicate peachy color mixed from Pyrrole Orange (an absurdly bright red-orange) and white.  I like the idea of giving her sort of fairy-tale heroine coloration.


Well, except for green teeth, probably.


Anyway, it's a sweet color.  Candy sweet.

post-8022-0-47781300-1429966663_thumb.jpg  post-8022-0-36523000-1429966669_thumb.jpg


In this one you can see probably why she was prone to toppling over backwards before I based her:


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So I painted up all her metallics copper-colored.

post-8022-0-39328700-1431984026.jpg post-8022-0-91283100-1431984033.jpg


I decided to do her up in a corroded copper sort of scheme, so copper orange with opaque pale green overlays.


I decided to do her skin like that too since it's already an unconvincing sweet shade of pastel orange.


She's got a sheathed long knife on her belt I painted red.



I mixed up a medium copper green, not quite opaque, and layered it over her hair and wing-fins, letting the underpainting show through.

post-8022-0-60734300-1431984222.jpg post-8022-0-70951200-1431984228.jpg


I mixed a pale turquoise green for verdigris (copper corrosion) from Phthalo Green and Titanium White and stippled it over the copper.  I also washed a darker green over her hair and wing-fins to bring out the details.

post-8022-0-33502700-1431984290.jpg post-8022-0-85136300-1431984296.jpg


I mixed a bright yellow-green and highlighted her hair and wing-fins.

post-8022-0-38756700-1431984381.jpg post-8022-0-21022200-1431984400.jpg


Then I took both my candy-orange skin tone (mixed from Pyrrole Orange and Titanium White) and the color I mixed for verdigris, and used them to paint and shade her skin.

post-8022-0-92276700-1431984531.jpg post-8022-0-34823500-1431984549.jpg


Here's a close-up of the face so far (in a moment I add shading to the mouth and cheeks).



And then I smoothed the skin more.

post-8022-0-15774900-1431984655.jpg post-8022-0-95272600-1431984661.jpg


post-8022-0-93509100-1431984677.jpg post-8022-0-78494700-1431984683.jpg

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I glazed a little Burnt Sienna over her hair and wings.





I started painting her belt doodads and glazing some red on what I think is coral on her base.





I worked up her tail using a mix of Ultramarine Blue and Phthalo Green with some white mixed in.





I painted highlights on her wing-fins and hair.





I glazed more hair color.  I think I made her tail rougher than it was before and need to go in and smooth it out a little.




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