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Cool. I was debating cleaning this one up and taking it to Reapercon to work on. So I'll be watching to see how she paints up.  If she's fiddly, I'll save her to paint at home where I can see what I'm doing. :) 

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I was planning to make her a redhead, and I had some Pyrrole Orange on my palette, so I applied it (lightened with some pale yellow).


Pyrrole Orange is an insanely intense, eye-watering orange.  I may have to tone it down some.









The weird thing about this color is that mixed with white it turns into the softest, peachiest pink imaginable.  I'm wondering if I wish to use some on her skin to give her that sort of cream-and-rosy complexion so many redheads have.

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Did some work on her.  Added a series of browns to her clothing (She seems almost to be wearing two pair of boots with turned down tops, one inside the other).

post-8022-0-57877300-1431110009.jpg post-8022-0-73803400-1431110015.jpg


(I also washed just a bit of brown over her hair for shadows.)


Then I started painting a plaid design on the outer surface of her cape.  I started with vertical lines in a medium blue.

post-8022-0-98538300-1431110060.jpg post-8022-0-78645900-1431110066.jpg


Then I painted a translucent rose-pink line immediately to the right of each blue line (leaving some of the original dark green showing).



Then I painted horizontal blue lines.

post-8022-0-87867300-1431110089.jpg post-8022-0-83448700-1431110096.jpg


And horizontal pink lines immediately below them.



I felt the green was getting lost, so I dotted some, slightly lighter than the original green, in the corners of the squares.

post-8022-0-14870600-1431110186.jpg post-8022-0-40210900-1431110194.jpg


I may go in with some black and white.


I liked how her face looked in the last photo.


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I'm still fiddling with the tartan.  I added little white dots.



I painted the sword and the two targes silver.



Here's a different angle so you can see the shiny.



I painted her front drapery thing an earthy deep red ...



... and then shaded her with some dark transparent blue.  You may also notice I've been doing up the rocks on her base.



I painted shadows in the folds in the back of her cape.



I painted the last bit of drapery or tassels or whatever a medium blue.



Then I used the blue to highlight some of the tartan on the back of her cape.



I mixed a medium dull green and highlighted the lining of her cape ...



... and the tartan.  This may have been an error.



Some more rockwork on the base.



Somewhere around here I added another layer of eye-popping Pyrrole Orange to her hair.



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    • By Pingo
      Coincidentally, I had this figure very nearly done two days ago when the sad news of Diana Rigg’s passing was made public.
      It always was a tribute to her incandescent portrayal of Emma Peel in the old British TV show “The Avengers”, but now it’s a memorial as well. Requiescas in pacem, Ms. Rigg.
      The figure is “Pandora King (Classic)” from Crooked Dice miniatures. Crooked Dice has a minis game based on cult TV and they’ve produced a lot of different figures suitable for that sort of storytelling.





    • By Pingo
      Happy birthday, @TheAuldGrump and @Inarah. I hope you enjoy this. Notes follow after the photos.







      This is Grenadier’s Hippogriff, #138 from the Fantasy Lords series way back in 1983, now sold in lead-free pewter by Mirliton Miniatures, Italy. It’s well sculpted, with securely fitting wings.
      I wanted to paint something different from the common hippogriff colorings, something with a little challenge to it. So I decided to go with several black and white patterned creatures. The front end is based on an osprey, the wings on a hoopoe’s, and the hindquarters on a zebra, all somewhat modified to suit the figure and to blend where the shifts happen.
      Whenever you’re going to paint a chimeric model, a creature made up of the parts of other creatures, it’s a good idea to go look at real animals to see how their colors and feathers and skins look, and also how they blend into other things. If nothing else, there are excellent visual resources on the internet.
      Technical notes:
    • By Pingo
      These are two copies of the Reaper Bones Large Earth Elemental 77185, sculpted by Kevin Williams.
      I saw someone, I can’t recall who, paint up, it might have been one of these, like cooling lava which I thought was lovely, so I wanted to give it a try. I painted the lava version very quickly, in a few sessions: A layer of butter-yellow intensified with yellow glazing, then laying on pure black paint rather thickly, then some washes of Quinacridone Magenta and some fiddling with that and yellow on the gems.
      The rock version I painted v-e-r-y slowly, in many layers over time, often with whatever paint was left on my palette from other paintings. I’m not sure when I started it, but since I haven’t painted any minis at all for the last year, it’s been some time.
      I thought it interesting how very different a sculpt can look depending on how you paint it.











    • By Inarah
      Really a very nice sculpt with lots of detail, which is partly why she sat on my painting table for so long. Got her finished up back during christmas. 

    • By Geoff Davis
      Hi everyone, sorry I haven't posted in a while.  I mostly post on the Reaper Facebook Page and Twitter now.  I still check out everything on the "Show off"  every day, though!
      Here is my most recent tartan project.  This is Aeslin sculpted by Sandra Garrity.  My customer is a fan of the show (and books) Outlander and this figure was chose specifically for it's potential for painting a tartan.  The tartan that was picked is the Wilson Ancient Hunting Tartan.  It has these very thin quadruple orange lines that give it a very interesting blue/green/orange colour shift look.  I was only able to fit in three of the thin lines, but it was enough to give the cool effect. 



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