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77189: Creature of Blood Reef

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This is one of numerous aquatic creatures I'm painting for some oceanic-themed adventures.  This one is for a PC.  He's from the original Bones Kickstarter.


He had a serious tendency to fall over backwards, so I glued him down to a one-inch fender washer.  I primed him last year (before I seriously took to Reaper's Brown Liner) with a medium brown mixed from Burnt Umber and Titanium White, then washed pure Burnt Umber over him to pick out the details.



The first thing I did was wash over him again with a deep green mixed from Phthalo Green and Burnt Sienna.

post-8022-0-21267900-1429489575.jpg post-8022-0-16022300-1429489582.jpg


Then I mixed a paler green from that with an addition of Hansa Yellow Opaque, Yellow Iron Oxide, and Titanium White, and brushed it lightly over the creature as a sort of basic highlight placement.  I also washed over the base with a sandy yellow color.

post-8022-0-51842500-1429489629.jpg post-8022-0-30859400-1429489640.jpg

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