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two Bones in black-and-white monochrome

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Wow, they look seriously awesome! I love the way you did the eyes; they make especially Arthrand look really, really menacing.

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I love them both!  I really like the freehand patterning on the trail of the tabard/coat of the archer, but for the Black Mist ... now I wonder how I could ever imagine NOT painting this figure in grey monochrome!  ;)

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Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?


Obviously DKS does.



Both of these are excellent. Thanks for sharing.

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Looks like there's about to be a showdown at midnight for bringing a bow to a gun fight! ;)  These came out really great!

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Thanks, all!  Glad you like them.

Now go and paint a figure in monochrome, if you haven't already tried it. ::):



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    • By giyomuSan
      Hi guys and happy new year to all of you !
      Have to move place last year november so this get me away for a while from mini stuff , but I get back to it :D..
      I have couple reaper in the work , just finished with this guy.

    • By Darcstaar
      This was my entry for the Quarterly Bones Reaper Fan Facebook Painting Contest.
      The Angel of Shadow.  She was good enough for an Honorable Mention (Thanks Reaper Matt)!
      For the prior contest, I liked how people were getting interesting light effects by using a black backdrop, so I tried that.
      Another reason I wanted to do it was to see if I could put her on a standard gaming base, supported by a rod painted black to fade into the backdrop, to give her a good illusion of flying.
      Also, this was my first attempt at Monochrome.  My final idea was to do a weapon swap to a wand (A cross-looking weapon from the BONES 3 Weapon Sprue), and sculpted my take on Acid Arrow, painting it green as the only color on the model, like those stunning black and white photos with colored flowers, etc.  I would say I'm a much better painter than sculptor
      Her paints used
      As time wore down, I had to abandon thoughts of OSL, so I made it seem like her lantern had died out and the spell didn't cast much light.
      Here are some other photos against an out-of-focus rug to show some tighter details.
      I tried to put some texture into the fabric of her dress, which was another first.
      C&C Welcome!



    • By Level1painter
      Long time, no see guys.

      Sorry I haven't been posting much. 
      Recently moved houses which has taken a month to do so.

      Anyways, managed to get some free time which I used to paint this miniature. 
      I first primed the miniature with a black primer before using a white primer at a 45 degree angle to simulate a light source.

      I stuck with a mostly natural palette consisting mostly of greens, browns and yellow.
      When applying the paints, I thinned them down first so that they were semi transparent. Doing so allowed the paints to show through the simulated light source from the white primer. To tie it all down , I used a dark green wash to blend the paint job.

      For the base, I shaped the main stone piece out of an eraser. After mounting it on the base, I used a hot glue gun to create some tree roots. 
      I then used pva glue and coffee grind to simulate dirt and moss before allowing it to dry. 

      Painting the base was simple. Just a lot of dry brushing and a quick wash to blend it together.

      Feel free to leave comments, I love to hear feedback.

      - Level1painter.

    • By Pingo
      This is a figure from the Goth set from the game "Wild in the Streets" by Slow Death Games.  Thanks to FishNJeeps for directing me to them when I needed miniatures of modern people in goth-punk wear for a World of Darkness game.
      I painted up the figure as a vampire.  It didn't originally have any facial hair; that's all painted on.
      There isn't a WIP thread.  So as a quick note, although I have seen people able to do wonderfully subtle and menacing vampires who still look like vampires, I find that unless I paint mine in stark black and white they look like regular people.





    • By Cyradis
      CMPA is doing a "Bust a Move" challenge. I've been meaning to paint this lion for a while. The only non blue part are his eyes. The rest will be 50 Shades of Blue. I am basing with Dragon Blue, but intend to subdue it with less saturated blues as I go. First bust and first monochrome! Okay, almost monochrome 

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