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Its been a while since I posted a new WIP. 

Has been a bit busy around here, and putting these miniatures

together has been a bit of a challenge.  Sometimes you just have to

grow your skills, and that is what this required.  There are six members of

the horde, and I haven't decided color scheme's yet, though I am leaning towards

what I did with Svartulf The Savage.  Though I may make the armor black also on this.


Anyway, this is going to take some time to do, so this won't be a week in turn around

to completion - that is for sure !


Here is a photo of the horde after I covered them with brown liner to see what I had to play

with: (I primed them already).



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Top Posters In This Topic

They have shields that have to be painted, and then glued on AFTER I paint the figures.

I'm not looking forward to the patience needed to put those shields on !

Think they will be a hoot to paint !

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I have to clean up my miniature work area after all the pinning, filing, etc... on these miniatures.


I started putting some base coats of flesh, and some cavalry red to use under a brown coat.


Notice (how could you not) that I did a mod on the figure.  I didn't like that he was looking

down so I added a beard to him using Green Stuff, and pulled his head up a bit. (My first modification).  So I'll

be giving him a reddish beard as this progresses.  Since this is base coat, don't hold me to any

color scheme, it can change at a moments dab of color on the wet palette !


Here is the bearded dude with sword:





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Changed palette, replaced very icky sponge.

Started some more manipulation of the figure, working out what I want

to do with this.  I like the shadows and the darks that are now coming into play.

Got rid of chalky flesh tone that was really bugging me.

Added Nighmare Black to the yeti Pelt he is wearing...ROFL

My camera sure likes the Red Highlights on leather aprons.

Black gauntlets, and leg guards, may use steel spikes, with steel highlights.

Same thing for helm. 

Here are some views:




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Jay, is that a yellow colored light off to the left of the pics showing up on them as a yellow glow? It's throwing off your colors a bit. Best to use 2 or 3 lights of same color/temperature.

Thanks for saying that Ub3r, I've been looking at that also.

I suspect that light is failing, or getting ready to fault.

I will replace it tomorrow so it matches up !

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So some critique here Jay:


I'd like to see you try for more contrast in the skin tones this time. Much darker shaded areas in the recesses and shadowed areas of the musculature. Make those big muscles really pop out like barbarians. :P









Notice how much contrast between areas.

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Great Miniature Ub3r !


I'll see if I can work to that level.  With six of these staring at me, I can get lots of practice at coming up with

that skin tone, and contrast !  LOL.


Thanks for the insight !


Got some time to play, and started working towards your ideal.

Interesting when you start toning things down, and getting a harmony feeling

incorporated.  You caused me to change my paint scheme a bit.

Like where this is headed now.




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