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Lady-Captain of the Guard

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Primed, and a messy black wash job so I can see what I'm doing. And admire my handiwork.



Some basecoating in MSP Denim Blue, and Testors Silver enamel. I love Testors's enamel copper and silver, they're like dipping into liquid metal. Their other metallics, though, seem much more roughly ground.


Also known as "If I screw this up there is no one to blame but myself."


Was considering copper + green color scheme, but I think I'll go for silver-blue-gold. Copper might come back on the crossbow, we'll see.

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 Interesting figure, although that hat really looks like it's floating over her head rather than resting on it. (Realistically, even if it was just pinned to her hair, being hollow inside it would be settled a bit more firmly on her head.)

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"Say, Captain, when did you get that lovely new headband?"

"Oh this? I've always been wearing this."

"Eh? But I didn't see it on your head yester–"


I was getting bored of waiting for enamels to cure (they're dry, but they need time to outgas fully), so I did a whole bunch of other stuff. Funny note: due to some sculpting error imbalances between the eyes, I needed to outline using different colors to get it to look the same.


Face came out alright in the end, I guess. Though now I realize she's looking up at me. She knows she's a mini. Maybe she's looking up at her next prey.


Next up is skirt patterning and hopefully armor shading.

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Okay, my original plan was gold pinstriping.




As you can see, that is not what happened. What do you guys think?


In other news: softened her expression a bit, gave her eyebrows and lightened her complexion slightly, washed the armor somewhat with some black, and made a flagstone base by smooshing a disc of Apoxie on a Reaper base and cutting stone-shaped grooves into it. Not permanently attached just yet.

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