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It's astounding! You leveled up on this wondrous piece for sure. Love it!


Very happy to have helped provide some info to you and that you got all the figures you needed. I knew that you'd put 110% into the piece after our little chat too.

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My only critique, being something of a theatre person and familiar with lights - Spotlights, particularly with colored filters in them, tend to wash out both shadows and highlights where they hit, but make the shadows look darker where they don't... (This is why you generally have several lights pointed at the same area from different directions during a show - not unlike photographing a mini, really.) For example, in your piece, the light from the overhead spot(s) isn't going to be hitting directly under their armpits or directly under the brim of his hat. The few tiny areas where even the reflected light isn't hitting should go all the way down to straight black.

Other than that, damn good job on the monochrome.

It's too bad you had a deadline on this - the band would have looked amazing with a similar low level of lighting and an individual spotlight on each band member...


So, did you have as much fun as I did trying to get that damn snake off his arm? lol :rolleyes:

(At least you got to just chop off the cane.)

I did a similar conversion of him for the special challenge part of the  March Resolutionary Painting Challenge, although I didn't finish him in time... I hacked off the snake and the beads on the other arm and whittled his cane down into a shillelagh, then greenstuffed over the chain at his waist into a holster strap and added a holstered gun and a shamrock-shaped badge to be an LEP inspector, painted pretty much all in subdued shades of green.

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