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Tutorial: How to take scenic photographs of miniatures


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Hi all,

I just wrote a short tutorial on my experiences with taking scenic photos of my miniatures. I look at camera choices, lighting, framing, scene composition and photo editing. In a second installment I will move from the general to the specific and provide a step-by-step tutorial for one specific shot.

Here is the link.


Some of my work:









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The closest I've gotten to scenic photography is this:




The sky is blue fabric draped over a box. The water is two layers of crushed organza in two different shades of blue over a large piece of egg crate foam.


The organza is transparent enough that minis can be placed under it and look as if underwater (It's too much of a nuisance for gameplay, though).



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Thank you for posting your scenic pictures. I really like the ship and the creative way you employed to depict water. It really looks good with the mermaid underneath the surface.



I finally finished part 2 of the tutorial, which shows all the considerations and steps necessary to create the picture below. So if you are looking for more specific tips, then have a look at the tutorial.





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I love this!! I'm not into scenic photography of my minis at this point (I'm barely able to take regular pictures!) but I love the how to! It makes it seem like much less of a mystery, and I appreciate your effort to make that available to the masses! :)

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