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Wow. what line is that figure in.

 Gotta get one.

 Won't be able to do what you can, but would like to have it in my collection.


EDIT Never mind I found it by the number. Cool will order one on next batch.

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As I was asked on FB how I did the orbs, and that is by far what most people are commenting on, I thought I should probably post my process here as well:


1. base coat of VMC Prussian Blue, 
2. Glaze thinned VMC Deep Sky Blue from middle to bottom of orb, not worrying overly much about the transition, 
3. Glaze much thinner VMC Prussian Blue over the transition towards the top of the orb to smooth the blend, 
4. Add a pinch of VMC Ivory and VMC Fluo Green to the thinned VMC Deep Sky Blue and thin further, 
5. Glaze Fluo green mixture into the brightest part of the orb, 
6. Glaze with super thin VMA Imperial Blue (more of a deep purple) into the very top of the orb, 
7. Fix any transitions with VMC Prussian Blue or VMC Deep Sky Blue glazes, 
8. Coat with Liquitex Gloss Varnish, 
9. Hold under light at the proper angle to visualize glints, paint them on with VMC Ivory, 
10. Re-coat with Liquitex Gloss Varnish
With all of the blending, make sure the brush is always moving towards the place you want the most pigment to be deposited.

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