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77381: Dragons Don't Share 2014


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That looks great! Nathavarr suits being a black dragon. One minor critique would be that the fighter/paladin's armour looks very similar in shade to the stone of the terrain, and it kind of looks like he's growing out of the ruins in that 8th pic.


Yeah, it doesn't look that great in this picture.  I used metallic paints, so you can tell the difference more in person.  After deciding on a black dragon with gray highlights, I had to make the stone a few shades lighter than I might have otherwise, just so the dragon didn't look statuesque.  Looks like it was a little too close to the metallic I used for his plate mail. 


I had originally planned on doing the ruins in sandstone, but decided that gray stone would get used more often for terrain in most games where I'd need it.

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I really like the contrasting colors of the dragon's head, with the dark grey scales, pink tongue and white eyes, teeth and horns. That pink tongue really brings attention to the face.  And I love the way you painted up the stones of the ruins and the surrounding ground - great attention to detail.

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It was a really interesting choice to make the dragon the same color as the rocks.  Love it!  I imagine that when he's sleeping or hunting with his wings folded up and his belly to the ground, he's perfectly camouflaged.  But when he's on the attack, holy crap, those flashes of red must be scary!

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