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Reaper forum houses, propose your house for Reaper-warts college for artistic wizards!


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The most esteemed Space Pope, Bryanzilla I proposed a game in his question thread. His most serene and stylishly be-hatted countenance has blessed the creation of four(ish) houses for the Reaper Forums to compete each season for the highly coveted Sophie Cup!


This thread is for people to propose house names and house colors for the forums. I will arrange a poll to select 3-5 final choices once we have a bunch of suggestions. Please post your suggestions below!


Things to consider:


What house name to do you suggest?

What are the house colors?

How should houses gain or lose points?



Quoth the Space Pope:



Actually, this could be a fun game, if anybody wants to be the Official Space Pope Sorting Hat, we can invent Houses for Forumites, (instead of stealing the HP houses) and somebody can tally their points. We can come up with some rules,that our Volunteer Sorting Hat can do (assuming she/he spends a ton time surfing the forum and doesn't mind), that determine how you earn points for your house.


If somebody likes this idea and wants to be The Sorting Hat, then I invite them to start a new thread, first to decide via referendum what our four houses ARE (and the 'rules' for earning or losing points, as well as House Colors- and if there's not a House whose colors are purple and teal, I declare the entire game invalid), and after that, a new thread to sign up (volunteer basis only) for a given house.  Also somebody could earn major house points by drawing sig-banners that used the colors and looked fun.


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Top Posters In This Topic

House Basererin.


This is the house for people who spend all there time building the most awesome base ever... But struggle to finish painting the rest of the model.


There symbol is a corthian plinth with grape vines winding its way up the column, we're little gnomes, owls, ravens, snakes and a random assortment of devils cavort within the grape leaves.


There color is brown and grey..


They gain points by posting basing tutorials, and posting actually painted minis.

Haven't figured out how they would lose points.

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house bones-itus

a house for persons who prefer to not need to prime their minis.


symbol: a little mr. bones, holding aloft a larger mr. bones head


colors gem purple and Blue Flame?


(edit had missed the previous entry used grey so I went blue)

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House Almost There (or some other fancy name you English-speakers can come up with, wordplays in a different language is tough!): For those who never truly finish a mini, this is the "99% done" house.



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House WIPinstone


Colors - Brown Liner and white


Symbol: Bones figure half primed with Brown Liner


For People who post lots of WIPs but never end up finishing the model and making it to Show Off stage



House Perfectumentum


Colors: Simple Green Green


Symbol: expertly painted mini half way in a cup of simple green


for those who tweak, tweak, strip repaint, tweak a paint job the rest of us would kill for

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      So there's a thing called Inktober/Drawlloween that @Pingo reminded me about, where you draw/paint/sketch/art a thing every day during October. There's the "official" list of daily prompts...

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      So who else is up for the challenge? 
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      The Three Color Challenge is the brain child of forumite (and CMPA member) skippen. The idea is to select a miniature, then select, or have someone else select, three colors with which to paint the figure. Black and White are added to allow for highlighting and shading and color mixing is allowed and encouraged. The idea is that by limiting the palette and maybe using colors that may fall outside of one's comfort range, something could be learned.
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