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Wrath of Kings - House Teknes


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Thanks guys!


I am NOT painting a batch of miniatures this size altogether again. Drove me nuts at times. I should have split it down to the couple of units of troops and big guys separately.

I'm still confused that two of the pigs have a string of sausage tucked into their belts around the back (they're actually humans transformed into pig-men to quickly make soldiers from workers but still seems wrong)

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    • By MoonglowMinis
      Another day another devil.
      Several months ago I was searching for a suitable mini for a chain devil.  I was in need of a few of them to represent hellish prison guards.  Unfortunately, there's not a lot of options that I liked.  Most of the official pre-painted chain devils look like awkward Michelin Men.  So I went looking for a suitable substitute.
      I settled on the Pelegarth Brutes from CMON's Wrath of Kings.  A few modifications later and...

      Three frightening and unrelenting guards of hell.
      More Photos Below the Spoiler:
      I really liked working on these guys.  It was a lot of fun reinterpreting an existing monster and finding a way to make it unique.  They're definitely a favorite of mine.  Plus I love that the chains actually dangle and swing when moving the minis around.
      Check out the rest of my Infernal Army HERE.
      How have you reinterpreted a mini in your own projects?
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      Trying new stuff with this one, I started by priming the model black and dry brushing it with fleshtone. Then I used a wash of Flash Red Color shift paint mixed 1:3 with water for the tops of the tentacles. I used Flash purple mixed with a bit of black to deepen the color to purple and painted it full strength underneath.

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         I hope no one is offended...

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      One I painted just for video material and for funsies. I had this model kicking around for over 2 years, and I finally made the decision to paint it up.
      Working on improving my NMM still, and seem to making steps in the right direction.
      Nice model except for the assembly.

      I've been told that pictures showing an exposed buttocks aren't allowed.
      So, here's the links to said naked bottom pictures.
    • By odinsgrandson
      I really love making minis for our RPG group- and here is a party for one of our campaigns.
      The group consisted of three trollkin and a farrow (who might have been a trollkin in a previous life- or maybe the next one).
      Only the first one has no conversion elements.  The one with the fell blades was a Fell Caller with Doomreaver levels.
      Overall, I feel that this was one of our poorer intelligence parties- it was kind of a surprise that they ever got much done.

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