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Well, I can't take too much credit for choosing purple hair, since that what the original Motoko has.  The purple base (and insert) are from Relic Knights.  Black Diamond (the faction this mini is for) uses purple (corruption) esper, so I leave the purple bases alone.  My Noh are red, Cerci green, etc.

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Really nice! I have this figure waiting on my paint bench, if I can ever get to it.


Quick question though, doesn't Relic Knight use something like 32mm figures? Hasslefree tend to the small side as it is and if that's case won't she look really tiny?

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The Relic Knights scale is pretty close to the standard 28mm heroic scale that is somewhat standard.  Tomoko is maybe a smidge too big compared to other Relic Knights models, but well within reason.

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Hmmm, cool. I was looking at some of  Relic Knights that I liked but they were listing them as being 32mm and I know that's becoming a popular scale lately. Maybe they were including the base in the measurement.

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