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77189: Creature of Blood Reef

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This is an aquatic beast form I'm painting up for a shapeshifting PC.  I primed it last year and started painting it last week.


My creature had a tendency to topple over backwards, so I glued it to a one-inch fender washer, then primed it with a light brown mixed from Burnt Umber and Titanium White and washed it with thinned-down Burnt Umber (I have since last year changed my priming technique to using straight thinned-down Reaper Brown liner on Bones; much simpler, and obscures less detail).



The first thing I did was wash over it with a transparent deep green mixed from Phthalo Green and Burnt Sienna.  The color is pretty intense, but it's so transparent it lets the brown show through.  I also left the creature brown in some areas.



Later I brushed a fairly complex medium green mix (iirc, Phthalo Green, Hansa yellow Opaque, Burnt Sienna, Yellow Iron Oxide, and Titanium White) over parts of the creature, rather roughly, and laid in a sandy yellow color over its base.

post-8022-0-25056500-1430096491.jpg post-8022-0-28254600-1430096497.jpg


Later I glazed a very, very little Phthalo Blue (it's a color that overwhelms if one isn't careful) over parts of the creature.



Most recently I took a pale mixed green (Phthalo Blue, Hansa Yellow Opaque, and Titanium White) and started laying in more careful highlights and shaping.

post-8022-0-08943500-1430096602_thumb.jpg post-8022-0-68448700-1430096610_thumb.jpg



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Added some green-golds to the highlights and elaborated the sand on the base.

post-8022-0-04584000-1431475459.jpg post-8022-0-06365700-1431475465.jpg


Some washes of a deep teal blue, and I painted in its teeth and mouth and eyes.






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