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WOTC Star Wars metal minis


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Just curious


as there was a few that came out that I wanted but they went dead before I could really get them. Funny how the line is so hard to find, but they were overall bad minis. Doin up a Star Wars diaroma with them.


Mainly need these


Female Jedi Padawan

Female Twi'lek Jedi

Male Jedi Padawan

Male Human Jedi

Wookiee Scout




Randy M

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The Wookie is the hardest to find. I managed to snag one on Ebay not too long ago but lately I haven't noticed any of the WOTC ones listed. One of the FLGSs in my area had a few in their discount bin but they only had about three different kinds.

I've managed to collect the whold set but they are hard to find. I got most of mine when they came out the first time. They are hard to paint because they have subtle detail and half of them are multi part because WOTC couldn't seem to make any mini without at least one thing to get lost before it gets glued on.

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man I spaced this posting off (don't post much in the sf group)


thanks everyone.


I'm doin up a diaroma with the figs & gonna rework a Falcon model to go with the scene


anyone else have any ideas on where to snag those?? I've tried ebay no success, tried search engines with no success. My 2 "local" store only have the ones I don't want (gungun, & handmaidens blech!!!) & ones I already have.


also does anyone know of good space alien types?? No GW please!!!



Randy M


BTW not sure if I really want the Wookie, as he has a moe type haircut (big one too, covers his whole head :blink: )


female jedi padawan is one I deffeintly want thou!!

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