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This Thread has been created to keep up with each other On Elder Scrolls Online.
I figure it would be fun if we (Reaper Forumnites) All get on the same server and/or make a list of what servers we are on. Not that we necessarily have to play the game together but I think it would be nice to be able to ask for help and actually get it. Anyone who has ever played an MMO will understand that struggle.


FORMAT: When you post I will have your Reaper ID. Then just provide the following

Gamer Handle -  Server: North America or Europe

+Additionally, if you have a guild and would like to post the name fill  free to add any details, and I will add it in.+

PC Players List
Reaper ID
--------------------------Character(s) Name--------------------------Server

Girot                                           Xyrene                                                      North America

Morihalda                               Morihalda                                               North America



PS4 Player List
Reaper ID

redambrosia                          redambrosia99                                    North America


XB1 Player List
Reaper ID

Arc 724                                     Arc 724                                                     North America





Daggerfall-Covenant-Flag.png     80px-Aldmeri_dominion_banner.png      Ebonheart-Pact-Flag.png












Skills Calculator: TESO Life

  • This site allows you to build a character, see some pre-built character for comparison, and basically everything else you will need: Skyshard locations, question, etc.




































||//Fishing Bait Reference\\||

  • Here are two images with the same information but in different formats.







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I will share this advice, particularly for those of you who might be newer to MMOs:   Avoid the game's official forums.  Nothing will make you hate your race/class/the entire game like reading the o

It seems like I've descended into a viper's nest of betrayal and heartbreak. And I thought I'd found something pure.

I was over England the day before yesterday. I waved... didn't you see?

Additionally, if you are already on the game via PC please feel free to post.

The Console version comes out in June. I know I'm super excited about this game! I have 5 friends already lined up to play. Going to get my guild up and running as soon as possible.

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I want to play it with my husband, but he doesn't want to play it based on the reviews. So I would love to know if other people like it or not. 

I understand. My friends and I are all looking for a fantasy game to play together and Fable is just not going to cut it. This is looking like the solution. I watched THIS GAME PLAY FOOTAGE (with hilarious commentary) and decided to pull the trigger for the console version.


Being that it hasn't come out and they tailor it for the console I think it may turn out better. The Gameplay on the video is what sold me. It looks pretty much like what I am use to playing after playing both ES: Oblivion and Skyrim. 


My group of friends are not power gamers so we can take the game one step at a time. 

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I want to play it with my husband, but he doesn't want to play it based on the reviews. So I would love to know if other people like it or not. 


Everything I've heard said it was a flop (very grind-y and boring), but I haven't played it myself.  I'd read/watch several reviews and see what has been patched since launch before sinking a lot of time/money into the game.

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  • Artists

Hubby and I have played it a very small amount, and have every intention of getting back to it. Is it Skyrim? No, but we do like it. We haven't gotten far enough that I feel comfortable making recommendations about long term playability to other people. I love that you can loot boxes and drawers and stuff in the wild, in addition to harvesting resource nodes. It makes it feel more interactive than a typical MMORPG.

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I want to play it with my husband, but he doesn't want to play it based on the reviews. So I would love to know if other people like it or not. 

What? You're married? When did this happen?


You should spend more time in the random thread. You'd know a lllll sorts of things about her if you did  :;):



Or you could just borrow LK's notebook.... :blues: 

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