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Anyone going to NecronomiCon-Providence this year?

Egg of Coot

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 Nope, not this year - I'm reasonably local to Providence, but not much of a Lovecraft fan and it's waaaay too close to the 40th Anniversary national Rocky Horror convention in NYC this year - and I may not even have the cash to make that, since I'm unemployed right now. :down:


Funny story, the 2013 national Rocky Horror Picture Show convention was held in Providence the exact same weekend as that year's NecronomiCon - at the exact same hotel... :blink::;,;::blink:


There was a Thursday-night rave as part of our con, and at least a handful of Necro peeps showed up in costume thinking it was part of theirs, lol. One guy on Sat. night showed up to the theater where we were doing Rocky Horror and was surprised to find that it was the only theater in Providence not showing old Lovecraft movies... but stuck around anyway to see our show since he hadn't been in years.

I'm not sure about the after-party scene at Necro, but we assimilated a couple of their peeps for the parties at the hotel as well.

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 I'd like to see the pics...


 Even though I'm not a huge Lovecraft fan (never actually got around to reading most of the stories) I just generally like going to cons of almost any sort (and as mentioned, got to hang with some of the Necro peeps a couple years ago), so I'd love to get a picture or two of what the con was like...

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