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2015 Summer Exchange - Official Thread


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Eep! I forgot to post in here: the package is in the hands of the US Postal System, and is slated to arrive on Thursday. :)


I double-boxed it and used packing peanuts liberally, so it should arrive safe and sound. This is my first time shipping a painted metal figure (usually send Bones), so I may have been a bit overly cautious.  :blush:



--OneBoot :D


Wait, you sent someone packing peanuts?!? I'm jealous!!


Please note: I'm being a smart-elf here. I hate packing peanuts, they get all over the place. Please, for the love of all that's holy, don't send me any.


Okay, shredded pelletized Styrofoam will be sent instead! With a bit of faux fur to ensure maximum static adhesion. ::P:...

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