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This is Bones version of Nienna, Elf Ranger.  Most ranger figures I've seen are painted green or brown, but I thought I'd go for an autumn theme and paint her in red/orange/yellow/brown.  I started by painting the cloak a rusty burghundy, including all the highlights and shadows as if that was the final paint job.  Then I started painting a freehand patchwork leaf pattern.  Each leaf is painted individually, which takes a devilishly long time, I've come to discover.  This is going to take a long time to finish.


And right now she's at one of the those early stages when I can't stand what I'm working on and think it looks terrible.  I've been there so many times before, though, that I will push myself to just keep going, in the hopes it will all turn out right in the end.   :blush:


Here she is so far:



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It's awesome.  I have no words... the cloak will be amazing when you are done with it.  I really like how it's started across teh back o fthe hood and across. Are you planning a "cooler" brown to offset the cloak for the leather armor and other accents, or are you keeping it all warm?

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This is looking fantastic so far.  I had a lot of trouble with Nienna, because there was a fair bit of soft and confusing clothing detail on mine that I couldn't quite interpret, and she had no real face to speak of.. hopefully you're not running into the same issues!

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Well, I have so little time to paint anymore that I just don't offert to paint things for anyone else.  This means zero expectations, zero deadlines, zero pressure.  I don't even do contests anymore.  I might toss something into one if I happen to complete something that meets the criteria at just the right time, but that doesn't happen often.  


So it's not really a matter of patience, since I don't have any burning need to see it done.  It will get there when it gets there.


Oh, and I have actually painted a real tartan before, and it was much worse than this.

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I started painting the armor gold, but there was too much "yellow".  I switched to a cool gray, and that balanced much better with the cloak.  There are so many fiddly bits, and it's a Bones figure, so the detail is a bit obscured.  I had to look at photos of the metal version to discern what some things were.  The eyes are so small and under the hood.  I really couldn't do more than fill them in black.  I bet some better painter could manage it, but I tried, and failed...



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Were you using your best brush and magnifier?  If so, I'm not sure what else you could do. 


If the eyes were meant to be painted well, the hood would not be molded that way, or would be a separate piece (IMO).  With the stunning cloak design, no one will be looking at the eyes anyway.  They could also be painted in shadow, if you prefer a more realistic look, but they look good to me as is.  I like the armor color, too. 

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      Hello again!  I'm back with an assortment of Bones that are serving as my Rangers of Shadow Deep solo party.  Decided I wanted a classic fantasy look, but didn't want to fall into the cliched green cloak look.  With that stipulation, I settled on a more autumnal color palette, and tried to keep this aesthetic across the entire party, without anyone looking like they were wearing matching uniforms.  I'm pretty pleased with the results and I tried to push myself with each mini.  What do you think?

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      Her face is way lighter in real life. In the pics she looks like she's got stubble...

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      I love me some weekend painting! 
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      *  Used copper/brown combo to bring this guy to life.  Feels very warm, but still needs some kind of "pop" color somewhere.  I tried to make that happen on the fletchings on the bolts, but feels like it needs more.
      *  Gradient work on the weapon.  I was trying to think of it radiating heat, since this is the underdark afterall.  I wasn't able to pull off a glowing effect or OSL, but it seems like it works.  
      *  The face - getting the mustache, side burns, and eyes to really pop was fun.  I feel VERY happy about the eyes.  
      *  Not wild about the accessories colors.  
      *  Questioning the color chosen for the sword.
      *  Was messing around a few times on what parts were wood, metal, or otherwise on the crossbow.  Meh.
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      I'm also curious to think of what kind of base to put this guy on.  Any thoughts?

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      This is a relatively recent paint job and I struggled with colors for a while before taking inspiration from another model and strengthening the contrast in places.  I like the model but she feels very stiff and doll-like.

      Or maybe she doesn't like the light in her eyes:

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      This was a repaint from earlier this year. I bought Quickshade Strong Tone for speed painting some of my board games and tried it in Woody. I liked the way it worked for the most part but as you can tell I got some frosting when I matte coated it. Another thing that happened was my paint cracked on my base but I kinda like the way it looks. I probably won't bother fixing any of the issues as I moved on to another figure I am struggling with.

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