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This is the second to last Red Box Mini I have left.

I really had no intention of going on a Barbarian Spree; but

that appears to be what has happened.  I have really gotten

into this series, and I might as well finish, since I am enjoying them

so much.  So here is Hakar The Horrible with his axe.

I've primed him, and given him a strong wash in brown liner to aid me

in shadows, and building up flesh tones, and color.  Think it is time to go

for a green kilt apron!  I've done blue and red already on Svartulf, The Craven, and the

Barbarian Horde. 






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Gave my brushes a workout this morning.

I don't know if this is going to be too subtle or not.

So I will post them anyway.  Whats happening in these photos is:

I have put down around seven washes of clotted Red on the kilt,

then I have covered it with about 8 washes of intermediate green.

(Giving me a dark rich shadow), Then I have continued building up the

green on the edges to give me a highlight.  So it goes from dark shadow to intermediate Green.

I can hit it with a light green to make it pop.

The Metal pieces I have coated with peacock green, as that will be the undercoating I want if

I go with antique bronze, copper, antique brass, or other metal.  Gives me a shadow layer.

Hope that helps with this.

Here is Hakar with some color added to him.





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I had to work last evening so I didn't get to paint as I thought I would.

I got home at ten p.m. and just didn't feel like painting.

This morning I ran some errands and than sat down and started working on Hakar the Horrible.

This has been fun.  Getting color onto him, and watching as he begins to emerge from the brown

liner.  Have to start paying attention to the fur, I'm thinking blue/silver fur.  Lightly highlighted.

I want it to fight with those green highlights on the kilt.  Think I can get eyes in this one; since he is

facing full on, and then beard and hair.  Liking this one a great deal.

Amazing what happens when you start fleshing them !

Comments always appreciated by the way.


Here's Hakar the Horrible:




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Well, the garden got ignored, but Hakar got lots of attention.  LOL.


I'm at basing stage after today's activity.


Whatcha think about him now... Oh.. He has BLUE eyes..

the 4/0 brush got in there with a little dot !


Here's Hakar The Horrible.





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