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77329: silver dragon WIP - White Dragon

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Received Dragon from goodwill box, This means I have enough to have do another copy of this model as a brass...  

This one will be White, cause its one of my few large (not huge) dragons and this sze is perfect for fighting mid-lvl adventures. 


Started with a sky blue heavily thinned with something other than water. 

then hand painted the large scales white, and dry brushed the small ones. 


Added a coat of thinned dragon blue to the belly, and 2 layers of whiye glaze to the belly scales.  It wasn't as thin as I wanted, and mya have done some watery clumping.  sigh


planning on an over all white glaze, and frosting the wings. 





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Keep the eyes red, as it's a good contrast, but don't leave them a solid color. Paint them like a translucent gemstone (lighter on the bottom, darker on th top) and add a pupil.


The tongue? I can't tell what color it is from the pictures. Consider maybe a darker blue-ish purple, like some animals have.

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Closer to finishing - I think I am finally satisfied with the blue/white balance, although he lighting changes it dramatically.






Night Photo




reboiled the base and feet to straighten.  I'll try Grumpy's suggestion on the eyes.


I don't want to rebase it because I want to be able to use in for RPG games, and its already an awkward 1x3 inches.   The position of the feet won't allow me to move it to a 2" base.  while a 3" base would make using it as a large creature even harder.  I don't know if I should buy some snow effects product or try and paint it standing on a frozen river.  Ill skim the basing thread and inspiration gallery.



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After looking at many white and other dragons the crests need a dark separation line at the base - and the spikes in the crests could use a similar treatment. 

usually its called black-lining,but ill use blue of course.  


For the ground ill go for a translucent dirty grey ice look.  Because I have been wanting to try translucent.

If it doesn't work ill buy some snow effects as a back up.

has anyone one been particularly happy with their brand?  

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the snow effects worked like a dream.  GW snow powder mixed with elmer's glue.  I went with what was convenient to get. 

I took a quick stab at ice, but gave up quickly - rebasing with crackle glue looked like the way to go, for next time. 


Doug Sundseth  recommended detaching the dragons front foot, raising it and moving it out slightly.  This was the final step I need to fix the dragon's balance problem.  I probably should have mentioned the dragons horrible lean, but I kept thinking I could fix it with boiling / ice treatments. 

I also glued the dragons far wrist to the base it helped the lean some. I'll force those front claws down as soon as it dries a bit. 



The eye - at this range looks a little messy. I didn't notice it without the camera,  But ill clean up the edges out of completeness. 



The Dragons colors look completely different depending on the light.  (as mentioned in previous post) 



Which one turned out better?  I plan to submit it to the inspiration gallery & show off forums and will only do one version. 

any other comments or criticisms before I start posting it elsewhere? 

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