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So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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Yeah, I got to meet so many new people, and re-meet a lot of the ones I have met before. I'm starting to be able to consistently connect faces to forum names. Real names are still a bit spotty.

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I dunno what it is. Denver International always stops me due to "irregular metal" in my luggage, and I pull out the baggie of scrap pewter and have to explain myself. The word "Warhammer" has saved me at least once.

On the way back, the Dallas authorities do not give a rat's bahonkus. They wave me through in minutes, regardless of WHAT kind of crazy stuff I'm bringin' home...

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Soooooo tired. Now dealing with flight delays. Hope to get home soon.


TSA was pretty interested in the box that completely blocked their xray machine ::):

What is this box you speak of and how does one procure it? Reasons...

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We've left our sharp pointy (or slashy) bits at home on account of not wanting to risk our checked baggage ticking off the TSA, but... I accidentally made it through Dallas security with a half-full bottle of water in the carryon. Maybe I shouldn't be so paranoid.


Nobody stopped us on account of minis, at least! We bought a lot of plastic and resin, though, and less metal.

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I'd like to throw out a huge massive thank you and virtual hug to everyone (yes, even our favorite hug fearing barbarian) for making this years con an event I'll remember fondly for a good long time. You guys rock!! I felt very welcome right from the word go.



As an aside, I also used the con as an opportunity to quit smoking; my last ciggie was Friday.

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    • By Ludo
      So neat byproduct of entering your minis into the ReaperCon Master Series Paint Contest is that they take really nice photos of your minis. 
      Did these a few years ago but I've never entered before and they were one of the few painted pieces I inadvertently brought to the con. Several of the other forumites strong armed me into entering and I'm glad they did. 
      These guys did suffer from the "Hey this is Gloss sealer, not Matte!" but other than that I'm still pretty proud of them. 

    • By Ludo
      Figured after ShadowRaven's adventures last year it would be a good idea to post. If you were traveling or know of forumites who made it home in one piece feel free to post.
      I got home without incident 45 minutes ago.
    • By hungerfan
      Since all I will be doing is coming out tomorrow to enjoy the auction and say goodbye for now I wanted to post my thoughts on everything I did.
      Beginner Blending with Brice Cocanour
      This class was fun and a bit much for me since all I have done is basecoat, wash, drybrush.  It did give me some great info to bring home and practice with on my many Bones until I get it figured out.
      Create Your Own Scenic Base: Fantasy/Horror with Bob Ridolfi
      I have never based or built any kind of diorama so going into this class I was very green.  I got to do some basics with a small horror base with crumbling wall and using materials supplied to get a gravesite started.  It even came with a cool skeleton mini not sold in stores AND many great stories and tips from Bob.  I wish I had taken his modern basing class too.
       Reaper Bones Convert 'n' Take with Bryan Stiltz
      When I took this class it was because I had a way to RC on Friday after all and so signed up last minute to have something to do.  I am glad I did because just watching the cool things others made (some had 6 conversions before I did my 1) and even making my own using a giant body, the wood spirit head and fist, and then some wings because i mentioned something about how hard it would be and then Bryan making me do it.  Taking the class gave me a bit more knowledge on how to chop up bones and glue them together in strange ways if i feel so inclined. 
      Miniatures Prep & Assembly with Tish Wolter
      Another class I wish had been taken last year because it helped me learn a bit more about some things like pinning which I have yet to do and ways to clean up flash and mold lines. Tish even demoed the use of green stuff for me by using some on my converted bones where the wings met the cloak.
      Creative Scenic Basing with Erin Hartwell 
      Corporea....'nuff said. :)  Seriously though. I had only had Bob's class on basing so far and going into this one I was just flooded with so much awesome info.  We ended up not really doing a base but instead listened to her go over supplies and things she uses for making bases/dioramas.  She did do a hands on for how she makes tiny flowes and leaves.  Not an easy thing to do and it will require much more practice.  So many basing goodies were given and I need to pick up some tools before I can try to use them all.
      Painting Red with Aaron Lovejoy
      This class was another informative one by a great artist.  He walked us through the steps and even had to repeat a few times for a couple of us that had issues getting it.  The information I got in this class is another one I will need to work on and practice but would like to get it down so I can work on a mini I have put aside who would have a red robe and have been afraid to paint him.
      Both of the banquets were a fun social event.  Friday night we had a great table and I met some new painting friends.  We had some luck at the raffle and Harrek won a paint set he already owned so he passed it around the table letting us take one paint until it was emptied.  That is what this is all about. The miniature painting community getting together for some good times and sharing their spoils. :)  The Saturday banquet was filled with laughs and a few new forum friends at the table but no raffle wins.  I came to the conclusion that our table only wins when Adrienne is drawing the tickets. 
      THE GAMES:
      A lot of games going on but I never played any. I usually had 1 1/2 hours to play but most looked like they would take more time than that.
      Wow is about all I can say.  My hands nearly bled from all the clapping. So many entrants with so many entries.  I gotta make some kind of promise to get something painted for next year because I feel like I missed out.
      Great as always.  Very friendly and willing to talk. I met/talked with more this year than last year and I am glad I did.
      Lots of good stuff and I spent plenty of money again.  I have a problem going around to each one and not buying something...even if only a $7 item.
      THE SWAG:
      Awesome!!! So much stuff in so little time.
      I am sure I missed something but overall I am glad I went again and look forward to next year...if they don't break me with Bone IV Kickstarter. :P
      Thank you Reaper for a great week(end)!!!!
    • By Ludo
      So I have a bit of a problem, and I'm hoping my friends at the con can help me take care of the problem. I love to buy the Chessex pound-o-dice. I love them so much I have several pounds of dice that never get used. Way back some forumites mentioned that they did not realize dice collecting is a thing so I thought I could share the wealth. 
      If your collection is lacking,
      If you are new to all this,
      If you just want to say "I got a die from Ludo" (Sorry no ribbon for that this year.)
      Come find me at the con. I'm pretty easy to find, 6'2" with a black bowler hat. If I'm not in class or playing CAV I'm at the table with Loim and all his basing moss. 
    • By Kharsin
      So... I've finally gotten started on the ReaperCon theme entry for 2015. This is where we are and well... It's a mess. LOL! I've got quite a bit of work to do, not including painting. This project is largely experimental and we'll have to see where it goes.... Hmmm....

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