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So who is excited about ReaperCon 2016?


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So unofficial hat night = Friday banquet

The Concrud walk = Sunday night when we take over a bjs.

But... But I don't go to the banquet. :wacko:

Who says we'd stop wearing our hats after the banquets over?? It says Hat Night!!!!!

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But i don't have a hat


but i also probably won't attend banquets


or will I?


I dunno


Start saving up and selling some commissions! Then you can get a hat and attend.  :;):



but i need the commission money for Bones 3!!



Bones 3 is a month away, you'll still have 10-11 months to save up for ReaperCon '16!   ::P:


Another good point.


Hmmm I guess I have to let the Mr have his melon helmet then >_>

Yes!!! :bday:

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