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So who is excited about ReaperCon 2016?

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Of course this is one of my favorite go-to excitement songs :bday:


I love my sleeping schedule....  <_< Actually, I really do love my natural sleep pattern. The working world does not, which makes it a bit more difficult.


After I pack up my paint kit, guess I'll just... water the plants? Elf, I'll pack the cooler too, we're leaving in ~4 hours, I'm sure husband wouldn't mind getting to skip that step. ::):

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I literally spend half of the year living out of my suitcase, so a lot of the basics are SOP for me. So clothes, toiletries, electronics and chargers, medication... all covered.


ReaperCon specific items I *did* remember:

- Paint brushes

- Master's paint soap

- Wet palette (currently dry)

- Ceramic paint well (snail dish)

- Costume + accessories

- Two part plastic staff that barely fit my suitcase (I put it on top just in case airport security wants to search, so it's easy to find)

- Rubik cubes (because Cthon)

- Dice bag

- Notebooks and plenty of pens/pencils

- Home made confections (though not my best batch)


Something I decided not to bring: Minis for the competition. Didn't feel inspired, nor feel the need to compete. But man do I have a butt load of ideas for *next* year that I will want to show off! (A four part diorama)

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At the airport right now. Flight leaves in an hour.


It's happening. It's really happening!

Wow how long is the flight?


Something like 11 hours, including layovers.


St.John's - Halifax - Ottawa- Toronto - Dallas.


For some reason, flying *more* saved me over a $100 each way.


Because of my location on the East coast, it's standard practice to have all of their flights towards the mainland very early in the morning. Technically, I'm leaving at 5:40am, Newfoundland time. Then I'm flying through three time zones, so it's wonky.

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Question for everyone: Melt Bag - Carry on or checked bag?

I throw it into my checked bag. You'll get a friendly tsa checked slip! If not then they aren't doing their job correctly!
Bet I get one of those in the bag with the Mace, and dagger and chainmail....
Again I hope so! I picked up the White Dwarf with the mini in it issue yesterday. I toss that in there just in case. A bag with around 10 or 12 lbs of metal & a priority box might make em go huh?


Hell I'm just happy my bags were not over this year! 37 & 18 respectively. Waiting for the plane, 54 minutes & counting!

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    • By Lord of the Dish Pit
      In accordance with the title of May's hobby goal section, and getting a bit bored with using the same colors over and over, I decided to open up the Box of Waiting and found these....

      (back left corner) 2 Wizkids Blink Hounds
      (back to us as NSFW) Vampire with Victim
      (big guy in the back) Dungeon Saga Zombie Ogre Wizard
      (in front of Zombie Ogre) Dungeon Saga Necromancer
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      There's more, but this is everything that has had more than priming applied. 

      First up was the Female Mad Scientist, who was one of the first minis I bought when I got back into the hobby. I started on her not long before I left Austin, and while I was happy with how most of her came out, I got a bit lost in what to do with her base. Her weapon and smiting glove were also unfinished. There's a touch up on her face from where she got chipped in transit, but the patch doesn't seem to show in pictures. (yay!)

      I got her weapons finished, a bit of purple on her hat ribbon, and the beginings of her base.

      The wraith, wolf, and ghouls received a coat of black wash over the parts that were already gray, and the wraith and wolf got further applications of Storm Gray. The skin on the ghouls was a base of Vampire Skin washed with Rainy Gray. Now that I have the rest of the triad, I can start getting them highlighted.
    • By NomadZeke
      Like last year, this thread is to find roommates and transit. Being the con isn't at the hotel rides may be more important.

      My situation: Room full at 4 Wednesday through Monday.
      Rides unknown as flights not booked, but looking at noonish arrival Wednesday, into dfw, out if dfw Sunday around 7, maybe Monday if I can get the time off then. Either way I'll need help with transit if possible.

      On your marks...get set...
    • By haldir
      With the announcement of the HGI block being filled up for RCon this year, thought I'd I ask where everyone will be staying for the con this year. Helps with getting together afterwards or even during the Con.
      I'll be staying at Hilton Garden Inn (HGI) this year.
    • By Heisler
      The ReaperCon painting competition is open to miniatures and models from all companies, In light of that fact we have started to invite other miniature manufacturers to provide prizes for the best painted version of their products at the show. In 2015 we had the following manufacturers provide prizes for the best painted versions of their company's miniatures: Red Box Games, Dark Sword Miniatures, DGS, Hasslefree Miniatures and Secret Weapon Miniatures.
      I will use this thread to let folks know which manufacturers will be providing prizes in addition to those you can earn when entering the ReaperCon 2016 Painting Competition. I'll update this first post with additions to the list as we get closer to the con.
      2016 Manufacturer Awards List:
      Dark Sword Miniatures - Jim is really expanding his ReaperCon Support this year
               Dark Sword Diorama
                        $150 in Dark Sword Online Store Credit for Best Overall Dark Sword Diorama
                        $100 in Dark Sword Online Store Credit for 2nd Place Dark Sword Diorama 
              Dark Sword Single Miniatures
                        $150 in Dark Sword Online Store Credit for Best Overall Dark Sword Single Miniature
                        $100 in Dark Sword Online Store Credit for 2nd Place Dark Sword Single Miniature
      Ares Mythologic
              Best Ares Miniature
                     New product to be given out at the show
              Best Draconia Miniature
                    New product to be given out at the show
              I'll provide further details when I can.
      Kabuki Models
              Best Kabuki Model 
                       300eu gift voucher for their online store.
                       There is a caveat here. If the judges feel there are not enough quality Kabuki entries then, at their discretion, it will be awarded to the Best piece in the Open                  Category.
      Bombshell Miniatures
              Is offering their brand new and highly coveted Bombardier Pin and gift certificates good for our web store to the following winners.
              Artists who Bombshell Miniatures has previously paid for commissioned painting work for their own studio models will be exempt from the Bombshell manufacturer's prizes.          1st place Overall - Bombshell Gold Pin and $100 Gift Certificate        2nd place Overall - Bombshell Silver Pin and $50 Gift Certificate        3rd place Overall - Bombshell Bronze Pin and $25 Gift Certificate
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      Welcome to the House Procrastius Common Room.

      House Procrastius
      "Ego probabiliter ad cras"
      Yeah, I know the other Houses got their rooms up before us.  Sorry, it took me awhile to get to it.  But you know, it still got done.  Got a little busy with stuff.  Anyway, have at it.  When you get a chance.  If you can't, it'll keep.
      As a wise old teacher once said to me:
      “Never put off till tomorrow what may be done day after tomorrow just as well.â€
      - Mark Twain
      ​Now, I think the teacher was trying to get me to turn my work in on time, but honestly, I loved Mark Twain, and it sort of had the opposite effect.
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