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So who is excited about ReaperCon 2016?


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I might develop a couple ribbons...I think many of us forumites are a bit of ribbon mongers. I want to name one "not really a ninja" for people who announce they're a ninja shopper. And so help me of anybody steals that idea I will hunt them down and -redacted statement- with a burnt -redacted-

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I'm planning on a ribbon as well, but I'm not sure what to put on it.

"Dusted" and hand everyone a tiny bit of faerie dust (pocket lint) in a tiny bag with the ribbon for something, like asking about your jetpack!

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We needed you to save us Pingo!

Marsya couldn't take them by herself!

She didn't even try! *stares at Marsya* :P


I don't think I'll be making it next year, or possibly for a few years. Trans pacific flights are expensive, and we're looking at starting a family, buying a house etc over the next couple of years.

I absolutely would love to go again though, and try to win a silver medal (I got high bronze this time).

AW. But yay for the other things!


True story I let them have their fun. All involved appeared to be enjoying themselves though. 


To stay on thread my hope is they change dates as those appear to possibly be a work conflict for me. But if not I hope to be able to attend. Fingers crossed.

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Funny thing is, the Wednesday night meet and greet barely used to be a thing. It's come about as a result of the pilgrims who show up early. And there are more every year. At this rate, Reapercon will eventually become a five day thing.

You say that as though it's a bad thing. :huh:



Meet People - I had some casual conversations here and there and made a few friends, but most of my interactions were with people who were either solo or duo.  There were a couple tables in the open painting room near the entrance furthest from the vendor booths that, as far as I could tell, were mostly people from the forums.  I should have tried to make my way into that group at some point but I never did.  I haven't been on the forums for that long and I suppose I psyched myself out and became intimidated of approaching a bigger group who already knew each other to some extent.


Yes! Next time, come join in! Everyone is friendly! 


Yes, definitely this! If we're both there next year, I'll come drag you over. ::):



I had better not get my hopes up this year, I had really better not.


But I think I could enjoy y'all's excitement and make hypothetical plans. Just, y'know, no promises.


I have got ribbons to give folks, anyway, and I look upon that as a promissory note.

We kept you in our thoughts. And commented when sitting around people licking brushes. Don't forget to bring a nice large wooden spoon if you decide to go! ^__^


There was a lot of that going on.


I hope to make this a yearly thing for myself, we will see!

You and me both!


Goals for the intervening year:


Activate the webstore


Get or build a peg board/rack system


Develop the business contacts I made


Develop more product


Explore packaging options.


Paint 12 figures for Freeblades (though I really want to get that done in the next month or so).


Paint at least one figure for the competition, maybe two if I get crazy.


Reduce the pile in the Cabinet of Shame.


I expect that the first five are the ones that will actually happen.

You can do eet!


Next year:



Um um not miss survival paint groups


Yeah, definitely want to give that a go!


Make the Mr enter the contest.

We could form a forum support/heckling group to aid you in that, if you'd like. :devil:

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I was thinking 'Team Tiamacrab' or 'Minion of Tiamacrab' ribbons

Yay, Siri ribbons!



To stay on thread my hope is they change dates as those appear to possibly be a work conflict for me. But if not I hope to be able to attend. Fingers crossed.


I'll my fingers crossed for you, too! ^_^

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