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Bones Battle

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Because I was bored this morning.  

My daughter helped.


The painted bones 1 vampire box vs Bones 2.

only fantasy figures were included.  Some retail bones figures are included in the painted side. 



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I didn't know I liked painting so much, before I ordered bones.  So I went with a minimum order.  Even the many of the large figures (Flit, FoN, Earth Elemental) were traded or bought retail. I think Bones 1 is toast unless only assembled minis are allowed.. 


Timewise Daughter and I worked for 10 min before school, less than 30 min after I dropped her off.  

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There is something WONDERFUL about Group Portraits. FANTASTIC WORK!

The Forces of Painted Goodness vs The Hordes from the Blister Packs resembles most of the games I see in progress at my all-too-distant hobby store. 

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