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I have a bag of Secret Weapon skulls. I have tamiya clear red.

All minis worked on for the spring/summer will have blood and skulls. 

Because I do what I want.


Both from Bones I. Primed in green liner. I don't know if they will be green, but that is the color liner I used. Once again I will be attempting to use the Wappel method on both minis.







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It is a artist, James Wappel. He has a line of tutorials (at a certain cool mini website) and he taught at RCon (I am so going next year to watch him!!!)

He uses a shaded basecoat with layers of glazes over it rather then your normal way of painting. You watch his work and you are like... that won't work that is crazy, he is using cheap craft brush... oh my god his mini looks so good.

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The next pic is the shaded basecoat with the darks and midtones.




The next is with the light tones and highlights added




I have the horrible habit of trying to pick out detail while doing the basecoats. You aren't supposed to do that. I got around that on this mini by taking my glasses off. If I can't see the detail I can't paint it. 


Next up is doing the glazes and the details. Also gots to add some blood. Nt sure if there will be skulls though. The secret weapon skulls are so small they just look odd on the base. I know the frog demon is supposed to be larger but with no other minis around him it just looked off to me.

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Added some washes, dark washes in the shadows then lighter colors on the tops of stuff




Then I used some paint mixed with washes to try to even out some of the colors. I found the transitions were to harsh and the blending wasn't good at all. Just need to keep practicing this method. 

And i tried to use my tamiya clear red to make blood. Need to get my gore game up for when TGG 2 arrives sometimes in the next 2 years lol.



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Thanks for checking out my WIP :D


Someone said I should just paint the dragon black since I will over darken it and it will end up being black... Someone who sleeps next to me.... 


I am trying to keep the dragon light and bright. The below images are 1. midtones and shadows (tried to keep even the shadows light, I can darken with washes) 2. is the front of the highlights added 3. is the back of the highlights added. I am trying to use the shaded basecoat and the washes in more of my own style of painting so not 100% of what was on the tutorials. I didn't just use the 2 brushes James uses, i also used smaller detail brushes. 


And yes. The dragon will be pink and purple. So there won't be blood and skulls on this. 







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Painting painting painting


Added some glazes to the purple parts and the base. I am letting it dry now so i can see how I feel about it. I am using a size 1 WN brush for the glazes and some of them are thinned. I am trying to get more control over them than I have in the past.



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I have moved on from the pink dragon it was "good enough"


Now onto what you can do with a $30 airbrush for basecoat/highlighting. I got the "master" airbrush which is from TCP Global. I already had a compressor and Iwata airbrush. i found primer was mucking up the Iwata all the time so i wanted something cheaper I could use a larger needle with.

I took the airbrush out of the package and began using it with no reading or examining since i am impatient like that.


I don't know if I accidentally hit a filter button while taking these on my iTouch. This is supposed to be a green background... and it's yellow. Yeah... the mini colors are pretty accurate. 







Now I am going to make some tea and work on this on more. 

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I added more contrast with more of the base colors and a small brush. I had also added the first glaze to the rocks on the base.





More glazes in blue and grey added to the rocks, her skirt and a very slight blue glaze on the weapon.



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I realized this weekend I paint slowly. And decided I am ok with this. I still got more done then I normally do.



Finished up this and hubs pointed out she looks like Sylvanas from WoW, which was unplanned but cool.


post-13808-0-29365900-1432571372.jpg post-13808-0-86083900-1432571383.jpg



Was trying to do glazes on this one, came out bad, so back to drybrushing. That rounded out my May goal of 4 minis.




So I started on a new project, broke the cheapo $30 airbrush, and are currently pouting about that trying to decide how I am going to work on this one. 



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I spent a insane amount of time troubleshooting issues with my Iwata arbrush. Ends up I messed up the seal around the needle, which you can correct with chap stick. Back to working fantastically again!


This is basically zenital highlighting with an airbrush, now that this part is done i am going to go in with a small brush and add further highlights to parts that really need it so they will pop more when i start glazing. Such as parts of the sword, probably the face and the highest points.


Edit: I added the version with the amped up highlights next to the airbrush version to show the difference.


post-13808-0-47777700-1432586701.jpg post-13808-0-00791100-1432589988.jpg


Also, I know this is "supposed" to be a fire giant, but I felt like going with a frost theme with him.



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