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77147: Mummy Lich (Bones)


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Just gave a quickish base coat to my Mummy Lich.


Will be dipping this guy tomorrow to see how it goes. 


Tempted to paint him up right, but, I have lots of miniatures to paint for use in D&D, and never enough time. So he gets the dip.





This is the first bones miniature I've painted. Washed and used spray primers fine. I always hit with black then white at a 45. 


His base was something I tested out. Basically he's mounted to a normal base. I attempted to use a hot glue gun to work the bump out... It didn't go as planned, however, it did create an interesting affect that I think I can do something with. Assuming the dip doesn't give it issues.


Will dip him tomorrow. I'll let him dry for 48 hours before hitting with some matte spray. I'll post the updated results. 




Well, I checked up on him after work and he was about as dry as he was going to get thanks to warm days and being placed in my shop area with a metal roof and no AC. On the sunny days it's like a oven in there with the door closed... Perfect for curing dipped miniatures. 


Here's a picture of the after dip/matte. I will be touching his base up. I'm considering going over his gems again, and maybe a little more white on the face. Not sure though.






Based and done. Really need to look into making a photo box or something. 



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