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Lorelei, Dryad


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Wow, that's a lot of nice feedback. Thank you all so much! :blush:



That would be a really great honor, especially for a noob with 4 posts total ;). I guess the sculpted modifications disqualify this one for anything "official" though. How do photos normally get into that gallery? Is it some sort of voting process?


@Grumpy Cave Bear:

Nice to find someone think about what I did. I needed a square inch base to use it for playing on a grid and to define direction and field of view. Yes, I tried to extend the given stone base look with greenstuff and threw in some tendrils, leaves and a flower.

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Very nice! May I ask what greens you used (or did you mix them yourself?)


AFAIR I used Vallejo dark green and sick green for the leaves, highlighting by mixing green grey and white. For some "fresher" looking leaves i touched them with a bit of fluo green after highlighting.


I can't remember exactly what i used with the tendrils, probably some tierra, ocre and stone grey in there together with the green.


Also I applied strong blacklining which makes the plants pop out.

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She is LOVELY; the warm skin tones & color choices in general with some FINE brushwork work wonders. VERY WELL DONE!

I have done the other two Babes in the pack several time leaving moi with a few of that Girl & no idea until now how to do her...thanks for the ideas.


By the way, what is a pokeball?

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