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Lorelei, Dryad


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By the way, what is a pokeball?


It's from that japanese card game "Pokémon" where you trade (and play) cards with monsters on them that you can level up by "training" them or something and taking over your opponents cards when winning a match. I'm not really an expert but I think the "Pokéball" is a flavor thing - kind of a cage or trap to keep those monsters until unleashing them into battle. In real world I've seen it as some sort of deluxe packaging for products about that game.

The player herself is into the whole pokémon thing and wanted her character to be a bit crazy, seeing (in D&D context unknown) "pokémon" everywhere, thereby driving the wizard mad who is craving for omniscience but can't figure out the meaning behind her mysterious utterings.


Btw. I think I recognize your avatar image. Didn't you comment on another mini of mine on CMON some time ago? (http://www.coolminiornot.com/357076?browseid=12039459)

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Thanks for the info...Pokemon is one of those things that is outside my tiny area of experience.


AND guilty: the comment is one of mine...your creation is still a VERY COOL & IMAGINATIVE piece, SO I'll repeat my comment here.

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Wow, that's a lot of nice feedback. Thank you all so much! :blush:



That would be a really great honor, especially for a noob with 4 posts total ;). I guess the sculpted modifications disqualify this one for anything "official" though. How do photos normally get into that gallery? Is it some sort of voting process?

If you make an account on Reaper's store (it's separate from the forum account), you can submit three pictures of the mini and a link to this thread at thr Inspiration Gallery. Submissions are hand-checked and approved; in my experience it usually takes a few hours to a day. Anything by Reaper is okay. I have seen some pretty major basing, so I would think your modifications are no obstacle.


Once the submission is approves people can give it "thumbs up," (although honestly not too many people do that part, not compared to the activity over here).

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