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Shaeress 77066 RCon Speedpaint


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Soo...title says most of it, speedpaint at reapercon, 2 brushes, 12 colors, pallet the size of a business card, and, being my first speed paint, my brain going "AAAAAAAHHHHHH!" the whole time. All in all, not bad.

Picture was taken at reapercon so...yeah not the prettiest.



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The two things I would say as someone who does a lot of speedpainting is this:


Focus more on the eyes - even a messy paintjob can look great with nice eyes. I do mine quickly by applying a layer of white, adding the iris as a line down, edging it in brown or black, and then using fleshtones to sculpt the edging into a thin outline. It gives you nice definition, and only takes 5-10 minutes when you get good at it, although it's not the fanciest way to do them. Here're some examples of what I mean...






I find that, especially when boomed up like we do on the forums when we take pictures, eyes with good edging almost always look better than even the neatest of all-color eyes - mostly because it makes them pop, especially with lighter colors against pale skin. Otherwise, it all seems to sort of smush together...


The other thing is that it's a lot easier to mix different tones than similar ones, in my experience. Blue and gold and red and gold both do well, while silver is only really easy to do with dark colors - for lighter, brighter ones, I usually find it easier to do dark iron colors and such... I feel like a lot of detail was lost in this that using contrasting metallics and colors would have preserved. Obviously not a great suggestion if you have a color scheme in mind/time to work one out/are speedpainting someone for an army or regiment with their own colors, but if you just want to do up a couple of minis quick, having a few workable pallets with contrasting colors might be useful... for example, most of my cloth paints have metallics that they go with that I grab whenever I'm using that cloth.


That said, I love the shading on the cloth, and the hair color intrigues me... I'd love to see this from behind.

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Depends on what you want to focus on really. You are typically left with very little time to ever get comfortable enough in one position to make something work. And even still, you're left in discomfort in some fashion.


Like sure. You're sitting and singing Disney songs but you're painting with your teeth or your less dominant hand.


Sure. You're moving around a table holding your mini out, but you're painting someone elses mini and someone else is painting yours.


Sure, you have a pallet and a mini, but someone just ran off with your brush, improvise.


I find it hard to believe anyone had perfectish eyes after that speed paint rofl.

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I was in that speed paint. The tip of the smaller brush was bigger than the entire eye area. That some of us managed to make a dark spot in the general area of the face was an accomplishment. 


I took a picture of mine and then started cleaning her up and re-painting certain areas. I'll post before and afters when I'm done. 

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