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Reaper Miniatures Bones 3, Launches July 7th


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Is that a rock monster with wrought iron fence wings?


I think it was supposed to be a grave yard golem.  From the front (as I recall) it looked like it was completely made of graveyard parts.



So it's a Goth Monster ! 



I haven't seen the front. Is it moping?  ^_^



There you go.



Edit because, goth mops.



Good call. Definitely a goth monster.

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What? You don't play Dungeons &?

I don't like dragons OR dungeons.


I play Basic &. It's rules light.



As mousling menaces, they would be appropriate.


Wonder what flavor of mouslings we'll be getting this time?


Seriously, is there any official word on the presence/absence of mouslings in Bones 3?


No official word has been given. I can neither confirm nor deny the rumors of Bones III having goals that include Mouslings.

Crapola. There's gonna be more Mouslings.


Uh, I mean, "Yay! More mouslings so for those who love mouslings!"


*edit* Ack! STUPID auto-corrupt!


Since I'm editing, I LOVE "Hobgobageddon"! Not as much as Anhurapocolypse, but durned close.

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Good gravy!


What. What. What just happened? This thread is galloping along faster than the Randomness thread two iterations ago when I gave up on it because I couldn't keep up.


Is there news?

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Is it me or does that werebear look like it's from the same sculptor of the Mageknight:Rebellion Werebear? Something about the muscle detail.



I'm hoping we maybe finally see the Pathfinder Black Dragon thats been 'coming soon' on Paizo..

Now that I've seen it in a decent photo, I'm not so sure it is that great of a fig. The legs seem oddly proportioned, and the tail scales look just a bit too large and uniform in that diamond pattern.

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