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Reaper Miniatures Bones 3, Launches July 7th


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At the very least a Bones T-Rex would make a lot of old school fans of The Isle of Dread very happy.  ^_^

Maybe a squad of raptors also???

I used to love velociraptors when I was a kid, but then paleontologists discovered they were rather small and bird-like.


Still, a pack of raptors or Compsognathus would be cool!



Actually, feathered raptors would be awesome.


Just about all previously existing dino minis are unfeathered. Reaper could be among the first to release the modern versions.


The way I see it, it is only a matter of time before we have a generation of adults that grew up with feathered, bird-looking dinosaurs. Heck, when I was a kid, T-Rex was still thought of as a towering proto-Gojira who had to take a nap whenever it got chilly at night. :poke:

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If reaper did make the giant feathered raptor...wouldn't it be basically a chocobo from final fantasy? Honestly I wouldn't see me using that regardless of bones or metal..

I actually think feathered raptors could look really cool XD if done right. Some versions do come out very chicken-y

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My wife has requested some overweight but still dangerous female minis.


I don't need more PC's... but I would buy some chubby female adventurers. I would love some plus sized or curvier PC's who are still dressed like other female PCs, basically a taller version of the female dwarves reaper has. Though I would imagine plus sized female PC's is a very small market.

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Are back to begging for dinosaurs?  Sweet!

  • T-Rex w/ Reptus crest plating OR horns (similar to what was done to the Reptus raptors)
  • Dire T-Rex (at least 50% bigger than a normal T-Rex, w/ or w/o plating)
  • Raptors (both of the existing styles)
  • Raptor Mounts OR raptor saddles that can be fitted right onto the backs of the existing minis
  • Triceratops Mount OR tric saddle
  • small and large Terrordaktols  :;):
  • Terrordaktol nests?  (like a three pack)
  • aaaaaand anything else that I can feed an adventuring party too.

Actually, since were talking about dinosaurs, what ever became of the CollectA line?

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Since they have discovered featherlike structures on ornithischians too, it looks like maybe all dinosaurs were feathered.


But they don't all have to be like chickens. They could be like elephants, where the babies are covered with fluff and the adults are essentially bald.


The dinosaur lineage I'd like to see is the one that was closely related to birds but had wings on its legs as well as its arms. That must have been something to see flying!

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While I'd love to see a triceratops with a feathered shield that looks like a war bonnet writ large, feathers mostly don't have that kind of structural strength. (It's a scaling issue.)


Something like the coat of a musk ox, but with feathers rather than hair might be interesting for big herbivores. (Rather like the feathers of an ostrich, emu, or cassowary, for that matter.)


Pterosaurs might have feathers more like those of typical flying birds today, since they would provide a competitive advantage in that ecological niche (though the information I've seen would seem to indicate that they had more hairlike feathers).

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