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Reaper Miniatures Bones 3, Launches July 7th


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So bones III comes with caeke ?

FTFY! :poke::lol:
I will buy multiples of Caeke minis. One might say an entire Legion...



So, then it's been a confirmed rumor with rampant speculation and no truth to the matter whatsoever, Bones 3 will have Caeke!  :bday:  :bday:  :bday:

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BUT Reaper actually listens and improves with each KS so they got that going for them.



This is what makes Reaper such a great company. Every company makes mistakes, few actually try to fix them.


I imagine that Bones 3 will have some problems and mistakes made. I am also betting that they will not be the same sort of mistakes and problems that happened in Bones 1 and 2

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So I heard there will be a Froghemoth eating cake and riding a tarrasque?

Nah, it's Caeke minis riding a Froghemoth, while eating actual cake. The next diorama piece by Reaper!

I'd buy two...
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So I heard there will be a Froghemoth eating cake and riding a tarrasque?

I'm *still* waiting for a gazebo decor set!



That would be cool... they have a not-Stonehenge though, a bit of modification and you could convert it to a Gazebo




So bones III comes with cake ? 

Nope, just Bryon eating pie.



The Bryon is a lie.  :;):

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So I heard there will be a Froghemoth eating cake and riding a tarrasque?

I'm *still* waiting for a gazebo decor set!

A Dire Gazebo?


The Dread Gazebo!


Much worse than Dire Gazebos.


Edit: Oops, we're getting off topic. But because of the gag we had during Bones 2, we have to revive it with a Froghemoth add-on.

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Make it a Dread Pirate Gazebo.


We are on topic, we are discussing minis that could be in the KS. I mean c'mon.... we joke about crazy minis but Reaper is a company with wereshark dwarfs. You never know what they could make!!!!!

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My one bit of feedback after Bones 2 is please do not let China glue together multi-piece models at all!  I think the great majority of us would prefer to do it ourselves and get a better fit.  Not sure if this was brought up or not, and I wanted to mention it at ReaperCon but forgot.


A surprising number of Bones are multipart, though.  Skeletons, goblins, orcs, etc.  Most of the time it's hard to notice, so the glue usually works.  I'd prefer unglued as well, particularly given the occassional sketchy glue job I see, but once I figured out how many "one piece" are actually multipart I began to see Reaper's reasoning as to why it's better to do it.  In 9/10 cases it's the overall better option to save end-user hassle.  It's one thing when I look at my sketchy eye beast with severe dental issues, and another when I consider multiplying the glue workload by 100 models I thought were one piece but aren't.


It's a tricky balance, but overall it's probably the least overall hassle to fix the occassional mutant on my end than to stop gluing at factory. 



of course not having to pay the factory for assembly might lower the prices to us a bit :)



Legendary Encounters will need to be glued to fulfill their mission, so I guess if that taxes the factory resources too much then more Bones may come unassembled.  Hard to say, but judging by what impact Bones Kickstarter production has, a big run of LE stuff might push production limits.  I have no idea, of course.  Just wild guesses. 




So I missed something somewhere... Is there going to be a Legendary Encounters kickstarter as well? I wish there was an options to have the mini's come prepainted, like with the dwarven forge kickstarter. I actually don't enjoy painting them and would pay extra for this option :)

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