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Reaper Miniatures Bones 3, Launches July 7th


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And.....we're sneaking up on the 60hr mark.


I have to throw my vote in with the GvH lizardmen. I like the Seins ones, but their style is starting to show their age.


Here's what I'm really hoping for:


As far as things I haven seen mentioned, monster spellcasters are always nice. Obvious leader types without banners or mounts are also fairly uncommon. While I'm at it, female figures of the most common humanoid and giant monsters would be awesome (and remember, all female monsters don't have to wield bows or swords!)


Also, I'd love more stone giants. Except for the Pathfinder prepaints, we are sorely missing variety here. Also, an opposite sex storm giant and cloud giant to match the two we have, please.


Some more snakefolk with a unified look would be awesome!


Stormwing. We need Stormwing.


Some more Tiik, based on some other deep sea fish.


Last of all, Bloodstone Gnomes and their creepy mounts.

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