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Reaper Miniatures Bones 3, Launches July 7th


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We can't pledge from work, our broswer is super outdated.

I can edit current pledges, but not do a new one.

Which is fine with me, I have more time to see if I "need" anything other then Norse gods.


There's an answer other than 'yes'? Blasphemer.

that post gave me heresy... ::P:


I have been getting more into metal and resin minis and not so much plastic anymore.

It would have to be a pretty amazing sculpt to add it to the norse. Like if they had Mrs. Demon Lord of Minotaurs.


I don't know you anymore.



I'll acknowledge you again after the Kickstarter. :upside:


I did forget about the Not Sophie on the stone arch base. So maybe that one too. But that's it. Seriously. Really. I promise.


Don't forgets the paintsssesss, my preciousssssessss. Surely they'll offer new paint sets, right?! X's fingers

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Yeah, this is the first core set where I am not super thrilled, but only because I happen to have at least 1, if not 2-3 of all of them, since a ton of those are Warlord models (except for that new Fomorian in the middle - damn you Reaper!)

I bet that feeling will change as the core expands and we see whats in the bonus section.


I have no doubt about 30 minutes after launch, I will be loving the new Core set :lol:

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Yeah, this is the first core set where I am not super thrilled, but only because I happen to have at least 1, if not 2-3 of all of them, since a ton (20/30) of those are Warlord models (except for that new Fomorian in the middle - damn you Reaper!)

Don't forget that is only the start of the Core. not counting all the expanding...

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There's not nearly enough F5 in there.

You have no idea how fast I'm breathing.  We're talking bumblebee wing-fast...



You should still be able to fit an F5 in between breathe out and breath in.


Unless it'd force the refresh to a point where you can't see the page. Then you're forgiven.

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