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Reaper Miniatures Bones 3, Launches July 7th

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I think we're starting to cause Kickstarter issues.  I got a couple of failed refreshes before the site loaded fully.

In that case I'm going to ask that everyone please stop refreshing incessantly. Trust me, we aren't going to be hitting the button with 15 minutes still to go.


Let's try NOT to cause a zillion problems for others by, through our exuberance, disrupting the internet.


Honestly, I'd much rather crash their servers now than while people are actually trying to pledge.



If you crash their servers now, the KS might not go live on time. 


Better not to crash the servers at all. 

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You people are sick sick persons with dirty minds...                       But I can´t help myself but to comply...

New Kickstarter, new Avatar...  



Someone set up a chat thread for us to blow up it seems.


Fair point,,qwyk. Though if that's why they gave you the bat, how'd froggy get his?






Here you go. I put it in the same forum so people would be able to see it easily.




Why was this deleted? Can you guys create a separate post so we can have somewhere to chat like this one? but in the same forum so people know where it is? Call it the unofficial thread for chatter?



I think that's just called the General Randomness thread.

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I would be sad if we crashed ks



Places, everyone!

You in the back, quit bouncing!

We're not bouncing, we're vibrating, there's a difference!

I'm bouncing... :-D



So is the kickstarter site going to go live at precisely 10 am or before then? I know it starts at 10 but will it go up a little sooner so we can at least browse it? :)


well, we're talking about going out to breakfast and dealing with it later...


as soon as it goes up, it will be live.

there is no preview period.


aaaand hundreds of people fail to get the sarcasm and freak out.  ;-)

Many lucks wished for a smooth launch Reaper peeps.


9 minutes....8 minutes....

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One was already created in Off Topic Rampancy.  I can't guarantee that one will survive either.


This forum is for Kickstarter specific discussions only, chatter belongs elsewhere.


Everything else will be purged.

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One was already created in Off Topic Rampancy.  I can't guarantee that one will survive either.


This forum is for Kickstarter specific discussions only, chatter belongs elsewhere.


Everything else will be purged.

With fire?


From orbit? 


Like the heretical alien scum that we are?





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If you're still around Bryan, Did you warn Kickstarter about your project? Do they have a way to be warned that a big project is coming up, or do these things blind-side them?

I think he might be a tad busy at the moment...

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    • By MoonglowMinis
      Couldn't find a better thread to post this in.  Has anyone else ever had mold grow on their minis?
      I have a set of bones that have been sitting around for about two year. They were super glued to a reaper base. Baking soda and super glue were used to blend the integrated base into the round base. There's also a layer of cheap craft paint as primer.
      These guys have been sitting on my painting table in a former sun-room for about two years. 
      I noticed the bases had yellowed a bit, which I've begun to notice on some of my other older bases using baking soda as a basing material. But when I checked on them I noticed small fuzzy looking orange tufts. 
      I can only assume this is mold.
      The only things I could think of to cause this are the baking soda or the water used to clean my brush before priming. 
      Has anyone else seen this?

    • By MoonglowMinis
      Hello again!  I'm back with an assortment of Bones that are serving as my Rangers of Shadow Deep solo party.  Decided I wanted a classic fantasy look, but didn't want to fall into the cliched green cloak look.  With that stipulation, I settled on a more autumnal color palette, and tried to keep this aesthetic across the entire party, without anyone looking like they were wearing matching uniforms.  I'm pretty pleased with the results and I tried to push myself with each mini.  What do you think?

      More Photos and Thoughts Beneath the Spoiler:
      I have only played a few scenarios of Rangers of Shadow Deep, and I'm honestly not sold on the whole solo-game thing.  But if the game has done anything for me, it has given me motivation to paint more and has given purpose to some of the things I already have painted.  I already ordered some extra gnolls and ghouls to meet the required numbers and will likely be showing off some monsters soon.
      Which character do you like best?
      What games have motivated you to paint those piles of shame?
      Feel free to share your own photos!
    • By Erramir Orlans
      Hello people! i would like to share with you an upcoming Kickstarter campaign that will start on April 20 and last until May 10.
      This is the preview page https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/joygamesinteractive/the-holy-roman-empire?ref=d1ay07&token=6758305e

      As the title says, it will offer Rank & file 3d printable models to make an Imperial Army (15-16th century Germany/Holy Roman Empire), including chracters, commanders, and special troops/artillery
      The main pledge of $30 usd, gives 63 models (core units). As add-ons, at 75% off (compared to webstore prices), there will be sets of models (from previous releases in the patreon) and scenery.
      The base pledge:

      There will be some freebies stretch goals, and other payed, Like ogres mercenaries(x3), Giant, volley gun, heavy arquebusier/sharpshooter, and moarrr!
    • By Cicciopiu
      Hello Forum friends, I'm being quite productive lately  Gonna show you the most recent mini I painted: Small world Sophie.
      Ok, I have to say I'm in love with this chibi minis, I'm gonna buy lot more cause I find them so funny to paint!
      About the paint job, well, anytime I manage to paint Sophie, my color choice for her wings is always Violet (or purple if you prefer) and so why do not make my life easy and go for a complementary palette? So, purple and yellow. Easy peasy...
      Anyway, this is the result, I'm quite happy of her, I hope you'll like her too.
      As always every C&C is more than welcome :)

      Hi-res Pic 1
      Hi-res Pic 2
    • By golldan
      Worked on some critters. The leeches were painted Walnut Brown and highlighted in medium grey. Then I went over them with Turbo Dork - 3D Glasses. Then wash of Nuln Oil Glossy. Ended up with the slimy/glossy look I was trying for.



      Dire Crab, I was inspired by the color scheme that many have posted here, which i think they were modeling a Blue Crab which seems to be more green with many interesting colors in it. I painted the whole thing Ivory, and then glazed inks and washes up and tried to be careful on where I laid the wash/ink down. Some were just one coat, like Reikland Fleshshade for the edges of shell and claws. Also uded Army Painter green ink and Nuln Oil (for mix with green for darkest part on top of shell) for shell/legs/claws, Reaper Sepia wash for in-between colors and the underside. Only paint I used was bit of black at tips of claws, and Tropical blue watered down to thickish wash for blue on claws/legs.



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