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Reaper Miniatures Bones 3, Launches July 7th


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I wonder who will get the last word...

We will.  If we have to start locking subform in their entirely to get control of the situation, we will have the last word.





I think we're starting to cause Kickstarter issues.  I got a couple of failed refreshes before the site loaded fully.

In that case I'm going to ask that everyone please stop refreshing incessantly. Trust me, we aren't going to be hitting the button with 15 minutes still to go.


Let's try NOT to cause a zillion problems for others by, through our exuberance, disrupting the internet.


Honestly, I'd much rather crash their servers now than while people are actually trying to pledge.



If you crash their servers now, the KS might not go live on time. 


Better not to crash the servers at all. 




There's also the ks comments section

Which is best used to discuss the actual project, provide a safe place for questions for new and inexperienced backers, and offer help, tips, and advice for those with legitimate project questions and conversation. It is a woefully inadequate discussion area, and is most useful when it is used for its intended purpose.


If you're still around Bryan, Did you warn Kickstarter about your project? Do they have a way to be warned that a big project is coming up, or do these things blind-side them?

We have spoken repeatedly with our handler.

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I should lock the thread now, and make everyone squirm for the next 5 minutes.  But then a bunch of you will open new threads and I will have to close those down.  


But it would be fun to feel the great disturbance in the force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out...


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