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Reaper Miniatures Bones 3, Launches July 7th


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<shakes head>  Ub3r, you're losing your n3rd cred...  It's a Dragon Ball Z reference that turned into a mega-meme. 


Ahhh. Nope, never watched or played DBZ so that's why I don't get the reference. Sorry, I'm n3rdy in other things.


Not everyone gets every reference, don't worry.


I've been hanging around places discussing Sasquan (this year's World Science Fiction Convention in Spokane, Washington at the end of summer), and there was a lot of that joke when its membership surpassed 9,000 (a new record).

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I was expecting a hand written invitation delivered by one of Bryan's several footmen.

Every one wanting a mailed invitation to Bones 3 kickstarter launch, send a Self Addressed Stamped Postcard to Reaper. ReaperBryan promises* to drop all the said postcards in the mail the day they announce. Of course, by the time the post office delivers said postcards, it is extremely possible the Kickstarter will be over.




*no he doesn't. Don't send Bryan a self addressed stamped postcard. I'm joking. Send him a post card telling him how awesome he is, but don't expect anything back.

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Is there some way we can sign up to get an email when the Reaper Bones 3 Kickstarter launch date is announced?


Ways we will be announcing the new date:

  • forums
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • the front page of reapermini.com
  • via e-mail to the backers of Bones 1
  • via e-mail to the backers of Bones 2
  • via our Newsletter, which you can sign up for by logging in at reapermini.com and checking the box under account details that says you'd like to receive updates and emails and things.
We are also planning a launch countdown timer to be added to reapermini.com.  It is our hope that the variety of announcement types means that each potential customer will be reached by at least one of them, and the ones that are not will be reached by our fans discussing this amongst themselves at local stores, game groups, other forums, and in person.



*shakes fist at sky*




P.S. Pics!

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All too soon

Came the Kickstart

The minis that had touched my heart

And with them went my dream

All too soon


All too sweet

That geisha mouse

And you put giants in the house

What a shame that they're gone

All too soon


I knew the strange delights

That only mini Bones could bring

And as I reached the heights

The bottom fell from everything


You should know and not forget

That Bones deserves another set

For you whispered not yet

All too soon

Too soon

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